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Mag-10 Lifting Regimen

Can someone direct me to a thread about what their lifting regimens were like while on mag10? Or can you guys just flat out tell me? Days off per week? Bodyparts repeated in same week? Cardio, yes, no, how often? Sorry guys, i’m sure this has been talked about many times but i’m new to the board. I did a mag-10 search and everything was from a year ago. Thanks in advance.

A lot of people did something similar to the growth surge progect stage 2 while on MAG-10 and stage 3 during the 2 weeks off. Make sure to eat 400g pro, 500g cho and some good fats and EFA’s and train hard while on MAG-10.

Unrelated question, but is this the D Rock that posts on the football fixed odds forum? It’s a long shot.

That’s definitely not me.

D Rock: I’m about to start 3 consecutive 2 week on, 2 week off MAG-10 cycles. I’m planning on following the Growth Surge phase 2 workout (the two-a-day version) while on and doing a 5X5 program while off. I can’t give you results yet since I haven’t tried it yet, but given everything I’ve read this approach seems to make the most sense to me.

There’s no way that i can work out in the morning and at night. I’ll be taking morning and night classes this summer. So that leaves my afternoons open, some of this time needs to be devoted to coursework. What do you, or anyone else, suggest in this case?

I work 70+ hours/week, and on top of that I have a girlfriend bitching constantly that I don’t spend enough time w/ her and I still manage two workouts a day (not including days off). Hit the gym prior to class. After class, get the homework/studying done. Workout, go to class, study some more. It takes time and dedication, and it’s tough…but if you’re using mag-10, your spending a lot of money, so you might as well maximize your gains…

Sorry dude but i think you’re full of it. You’re telling me that you work 10hrs/7days or 12hrs/5day, and go to class (add 2 hours, assuming minimum), do homework (add 2 hours min), and workout (add 1 hour). That’s 15-17hrs/day of a full schedule. I just dont buy it.

You don’t HAVE to train twice a day on MAG-10, it’s just one option. Just up your volume in your regular workout, add more negatives, use some drop sets etc. Works for me.

Check out Growth Surge phase 2. It gives a once-a-day training option too.

I don’t go to class, no classes during summer… I was telling you what to do w/ your class schedule. You should work out prior to your first morning class. Then hit it once again before your second class.

My schedule is actually 8-5 one job, then I go from 5:30 - 8:00 at another job. That’s a total of 50+ hours there. I’m a waiter on the weekends at Steak 'n Shake, and I work exclusively on weekends (when they’re busiest) for 10 hours each day. I get a morning work out in, and sometimes a night workout depending on how my day went and how many times I want to go w/ my girlfriend that night.

Good luck w/ it and hope you see some MASSIVE gains!!

Steak 'n Shake huh? Is that like a T-Bone Smoothie? Just messing around. It looks like now that i will only have night classes(maybe) from 6-9 M-Th. Problem is the school is 35-45 min away. Be a real pain to drive down there in the morning only to come back home then go back for class. I have some free weights here at home. Should i do some lifting here in the morning with the basics that i have (dumbbells and barbell)? Yeah i hope i see some massive gains too. Thanks all.

Seems like you would have no problem putting together some workouts at home with a barbell and dumbbells. God, I did the ole Growth Surge early in the year so if I remember correctly an afternoon workout did include barbell curls and dumbell curls, you could do some California Presses for skull cruchers and maybe some dips (ole school style) between two chairs (no way to do drop sets though) in place of pushdowns or maybe even one-arm tricep ext. but it may be too many tri-ext. movements. I would do the compounds if “bulking” - some dips between chairs or close grip flat bench and some california presses (assuming you don’t have an EZ Curl bar) or one-arm tri ext. For Hamstrings on your leg afternoon, try some stiff-legged deadlifts but beyond that I am not sure what the limited equip would allow.
Shoulders should be able to be followed as written. Maybe you could assuming you had a pull up/chin bar, switch your cycle like this:
Day 1: AM-QUAD-DOM…PM-Chest
Day 2: AM-Back…PM Shoulders (or reverse it if you have a pull up bar)
Day 3: AM-HIP-DOM…PM-Bis/Tris
then you would only have to go in the am, hip dom and quad dom at the gym make strip sets with extensions and curls easy. what do you think?

Two-a-days are not absolutely necessary, but they are said to help a great deal. You might try to train early in the morning, then again at the school’s gym right before your classes start. That is, of course, assuming that it’s open and available for your use during the summer.

When i said i had dumbbells and a barbell that’s pretty much it. I don’t have a bench. I can go outside and do some chins ups though. I doubt i could put together a completely effective workout with what i have. But would even a half workout of some kind help in the morning? If so, I don’t think i would want to do completely seperate workouts in the morning vs the evening.

So say i was going to do shoulders at the school gym in the evening, would it be a good idea to do some shoulders in the morning? Or maybe something that i tried the night before? Or maybe something i’m going to train the next night? Thanks for all the advice guys. I really want to get the most out of this when i take the mag10 plunge and i trust what most of you have to say.