MAG-10 Legacy Received...

For you guys holding your breath in anticipation of receiving your MAG-10 order; I received mine this morning.


Nice. I’ll be happy to get mine.

I’ve been tracking it through Fed-Ex. Mine should be at my house this afternoon.

I got mine this afternoon too! You should have seen the look on the guy at the front desk of my residence hall when I received a non-descript package addressed from “Biotest Labs”. Priceless. Anyway, I’m so excited, hypertrophy strength night tonight, it’s gonna be gruesome!

I too been tracking Fedex. Should get them by this afternoon. Can’t wait.

Got mine today

I got mine this morning. Gazing at the 12 bottles is hypnotic. Muscles in a bottle!

Where’d you guys get your tracking numbers from? Is there some sort of shipping notification? All I have so far is my receipt of purchase.

my delivery guys are used to the shipments by now. the best one is when i get the bulk protein powders and the package ways 100lbs. laters pk