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MAG-10 Legacy for Sale!


I have 3 unopened bottles of MAG-10 Legacy for sale..Destroyer is going on E-bay anywhere from 150-190 a bottle. I figure Legacy will go for at least 175.

Anyone interested before I put on Ebay?


Any law enforcement officials out there looking to make an easy bust?

See contact details above.


Geez sorry

people usualy jump all over this. figured I would offer it up to some fellow t-members...no need to get your bug all wet....


Mate...that's not what I was on about at all. It just isn't the brightest way to move illegal goods. Advertising them for sale on the internet that is. Yes, maybe it's fine 'most' of the time BUT there could be tears in the end.

I'm sure you'll get a fantastic price for them over on eBay and if you really just want to charitable to you fellow T-Nation members perhaps you might want to offer them for sale at purchase price???


You will not be able to put it on Ebay because it is illegal.


it is all over ebay


Real gear is sold every day on ebay/buy.com


Maybe I am just dumb, thanks for reminding me.




That still hasn't stopped MAG-10 from being listed there from time to time. They don't always monitor what's listed. But buyer and seller are taking chances.


In the words of John McEnroe....'You can not be serious?'


In case you didnt know, this stuff is NOT policed one bit. I could down MAG-10 right on front of a cop and he wouldn't have a clue what Im doing. Prohoromones are not policed whatsoever. Doesnt mean you can sell it on a wbsite that gets 30 million hits a month, but you can carry it around, sell it on ebay and such.

The cops have enough of there hands online with hackers, pedophiles, identity thives to worry about someone selling MAG-10 on ebay, LOL.

I wasnt around in those days, so Im curious to know what a bottle originally sold for, the regular and max strength Mag10. Thanks guys :slight_smile:


IIRC, a bottle of Legacy came to about $20 if you bought a case of 12. Ah, glory days...


wow- I got these after the ban---I never thought they that cheap


The Legacy's here sold out QUICK!!

I was lucky enough to pick up a two pack for $100 if I remember correctly. Still in the freezer!

The big-ass Destroyer bottles were the real deal. Forget how much now but they were cheap and contained the equivalent of 5 regualr bottles. Thanks for that one Tim! You da man!


Yep, I've seen it with my own eyes. Saavy E-bayers can always find ways around items getting pulled. The real way is to find people bidding on Pro-hormone like products and send the losing bidders an e-mail explaining the goods you have for sale. Works every time.


So is this MAG-10 stuff like pretty much steroids? From readining the posts in this thread it sounds like a hot product, although a little expensive but what do I know.


2 weeks MAG-10/ 2 weeks Alpha Male + Carbolin 19 19 followed by 4 weeks MAG-10
went from 182 to 204. BF up 2-3%

BUT you must EAT a ton of food and train hard and sleep even harder..




MAG-10 Destoyer or MAG-10 Avenger? If it is MAG-10 Avenger, you'll be a tad disappointed....