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MAG-10 Label Directions

why does the MAG-10 label say do not exceed more than one serving in three hours and no more than four in one day. Why would they put that on the label and then have you take 2 MAG-10 and 3 ANACONDA during the workout, along with suggesting pulsing with MAG-10 throughout the day?

Tim addressed this in the ANACONDA Protocol discussion thread.

"The max recommendation currently on the label is overcautious and will change.

At the time I wrote the label instructions, we hadn’t fully tested all the dosing protocols. However, I needed to finish the label so we could produce a batch of ANACONDA for testing purposes.

Since then, we’ve experimented with all kinds of dosing protocols, using as many as seven scoops of ANACONDA a day (spread over three workouts). So far, all of the tested protocols were tolerated extremely well by the participants.

Ultimately, the published ANACONDA protocol is what worked best and what we’re currently recommending for all advanced lifters."