Mag 10 Keep it in fridge when not using?

I know this has probably been answered before… and yes I did use the search engine and faq and honestly did try to find it so please don’t kill me.

I have a cuple bottles of mag10 but its probably going to be about 6 months or a bit more before I am ready to use them.

Should I be storing them in the fridge or freezer and what is the shelf life especially when in a stable cool temperature.



Summarizing the recent thread re: Mag-10: Chris Shugart says it should last about 2-3 years, longer if you refrigerate it. Technically, he’s talking about the upcoming new-and-improved version, but I’m sure this advice pertains to the old.

If there’s any danger of it getting too warm where you would normally store it, I’d say put it in the fridge.

Put them in the fridge, there’s really no reason not to.

im pretty sure old Bill R said that you could store it in the fridge if you were looking for a longterm storage option. go ahead chuck in the fridge, just dont forget about them, or get pissed and start doing MAG10 shots hehehe

Thanks for the replies.

I will do just that.