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Mag-10 jumpstart.

I recently took about 3 months off from training. I know BIG Mistake!!!
What I am wondering is if when I start back at it on Monday…

Would it be advantageous to take Mag10 to prevent muscle soreness and get back to where I need to get a little more quickly?
Do I just get some of my initial strength back on my own before taking Mag10?

Has anyone tried the “Mag10 Jumpstart” before and what was your experience? Obviously increased recovery would be a great help when just getting started again. Wouldn’t it?
Thanks everyone


IMO, you should just suck it up and save things like Mag-10 for when you hit a platue. Overall I’d say it’s just a personal decision. Eitherway START LIFTING AGAIN :slight_smile: Good luck.

Wideguy gives good advice, why waste the product when your body is not functioning yet at optimal training level. Get settled in on a program and get your poundages straight before starting. Besides, personally I like the pain!

Thanks guys. I just thought with the increased recovery I could save my ego while I am getting everything where it needs to be.
But you are probably right.
Suck it up.

You’ll appreciate it more when you use it at the right time. BTW if you want a little jumpstart why not use creatine and or methoxy-7?