MAG-10 is on its way!!!

Just got word from headquarters that MAG-10 has arrived and those who pre-ordered have their stuff on the way. The entire first batch is almost gone and Biotest expects the second batch to be sold out before it’s made. So if you want to try this stuff, I’m getting the impression you’d better order quickly if you haven’t already.

I’ve also heard that a few staff members (who have used anabolics in the past) have tried MAG-10 in its final form and have proclaimed it very worthy of its “pro-steroid” name. The excitement is huge around here. Seriously. I think you guys are going to be very pleased.

Oh yeah! I’m going to chase around my Fed-Ex guy like a dog! Woof! Can’t wait!

 I haven't been to the forum in a few days because of the holidays so I decide to check on here to see if there was any news about Mag-10.  The first thing I see is this NEWS from Chris S!!!  Christmas has come early.  Thank-you for the update Chris!

Good Luck Guys. This supp has been hyped to the max and having purchased some, I truly hope it lives up to the hype. I guess we’ll all know pretty soon

Just a note: I think each shipment is going to come with a dosing protocol that Biotest has found to be very effective. I think they’re going to suggest that the “gonzo” users do one bottle, take two weeks off, do another bottle, take two weeks off, then repeat and later take 4 weeks off. Tim mentioned in passing that he thinks this is more efective that taking 3 bottles in a row, as some hardcore types have been talking about doing. You will need to use “M” and maybe Tribex between those frequent cycles. (M is also ready to go, BTW.) Don’t quote me on that dosing schedule, just read the papers that come with your shipment.

XL shirts, here I come!

sweet! i ordered 6 bottles of this stuff. i wouldn’t have minded waiting for another week or two since i don’t plan on starting until Dec. 17 but now i can just set up my bottles of MAG-10 and look at them until the day arrives where i get to use it. can’t wait to get huge!

Thanks for the heads-up, Santa Chris. I will be interested to hear Tim’s explanation of why an interval dosing schedule would be more efficacious than a longer dosing, especially considering Mag-10 is non-conversive to estrogen.

Hee Hee hee…giddy like a schoolgirl. The only thing I need to do now is figure out how in the HECK I’m going to be getting up every day to do two workouts.

I told Santa I wanted a litte extra T for Christmas!
Bring it on, I can’t wait to give Mag-10 a test run. Hopefully, people will keep track of their results and post them??

Chris Shugart–how soon will we be able to order M to go with the MAG-10. I don’t see it available on the Biotest site yet?

Tommyboy- You may be getting an early Christmas present when it comes to M. :wink:

It's my understanding that M is available now, but they may not have updated the Biotest store yet to reflect this. Just give Biotest a call and they'll get you the correct info: 1-800-525-1940

Hey thanks for that welcomed bit of news Chris! I going to start the growth surge project in january. I pre-ordered mag-10 so any special instructions for storing it till then? Im going to use december to get my diet in line. I managed to have a real breakfast - oatmeal and protein and ditch the 3-4 shot espresso and scone at starbucks, I just need to drop the caffeine at lunch and work on getting the calories up and being consistent with massive eating guidelines.

There are no storage issues with MAG-10,
unless perhaps it were a matter of storing
for years or something. Certainly over
a matter of months, no issue whatsoever.

I just got off the phone with the Biotest store and they haven’t quite received the info on M yet. I wanted to order them together. I’m jumping in!

i am curious to your thoughts as to how you should cycle three bottles of MAG-10. of course i value Tim’s opinion of doing 1 bottle and taking 2 weeks off and repeating this until the three bottles are gone, but i was wondering what you think Bill?? i was really planning on 6 wks. “on”, finishing all three bottles, followed by a tribex and M 4 wk. recovery period.

It depends on your goal.

If for example your goal is to be in your
best possible shape 6 weeks from now, then
no doubt, 6 straight weeks of use is the way
to go.

(Now that we know (thanks to Brock) about adding to Vitex to Tribex to get a pro-recovery effect seemingly just as good as Clomid but with legal supplements, I don’t have a problem with longer cycles for those who have this info and are planning to put it to use.)

Now on the other hand, say your goal is to
have the maximum results further on down the road, long term goals, say, looking better for next spring and summer. Here, 6 weeks of straight use would probably not be as productive as 3 shorter cycles. Your body is limited in how much it can grow at one time.

In other words, say you pack on 10 lb LBM in 2 weeks, or even more. You’re not going to be able to maintain that rate: having already grown substantially only days before, the body is not so ready to continue growing fast. But with “off” time, it is. But that off time should be used productively. Both with maintaining strength (with heavy weights) in at least the first week, possibly first 2 weeks of being “off,” and using periodization
with lighter weights, and perhaps dieting off
fat that needs to be dieted off, in other “off” weeks.

If doing a 2 on / 2 off, I’d tend to think
there’s not really room for dieting, except
perhaps if you made one of the “on” periods
some really severe dieting. You’d be surprised, you may actually gain strength for 2 weeks while on low calories and shedding fat rapidly.

very interesting approach. id imagine that these cycling suggestions (2 on/2 off) would also be feasible with drugs other than MAG-10? (ie. Fina/Winny/Androsol stack)So few, if any actually would consider doing 2 week bursts at the expense of a hardcore 6-8 week cycle, but with suppression and rates of growth, I’d imagine it does make sense. I guess I just always thought that one would make better gains on straight cycles and that the 2 on/4 off, or 2 on/ 2 off plans were more of safety, side effects and testosterone suppression.