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MAG-10 Is Dead


I just got the call I didn't want to get from Biotest head honcho Tim Patterson.

The era is over. MAG-10 is dead.

Biotest is allowed to sell what it has in stock. After that, the anabolic, muscle-building side of the supplementation industry will take a step backward. Pass the liver tablets. The comet has hit the planet and the age of the giants has ended.

Thank you, politicians with hidden agendas.

Thank you, drug using, lying, andro scapegoating baseball players.

Thank you, BALCO Labs.

Now, instead of safe, effective supplements, many will turn to dirty, possibly fake blackmarket steroids. Thank you, US government. The drug dealers are celebrating tonight.

My rants aside, Tim told me something else I thought I'd let you in on. (Not sure if I'm even supposed to be doing this!) When the stock of MAG-10 is sold, Biotest can't make anymore. Period. None. No way out of it. When it's gone, it's GONE. The online retailers and supplement stores are screaming for what Biotest has left.

I don't know what's going to happen Monday. Tim has stopped all shipments to retailers. They'll never get another bottle. T-mag will be the only one allowed to sell it.

On Monday, Tim is going to do something. I'm not sure what. The Buy 2, Get 1 Free offer will very likely be scrapped. Hell, I've heard how much R&D money went into developing MAG-10, and if I were him I'd be tempted to jack the price up to $300 a bottle to get some of that back. It will sell no matter what he asks for it. Don't you doubt it.

But that's Monday. Right now, as I type this on Friday night, the Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal at $99 a bottle is still in effect. I've heard it will remain in effect only for the next two days: Saturday and Sunday. Monday it changes. Tim made that clear.

So let me pull a little Martha Stewart here: if you want MAG-10, you better get it right now. No marketing nonsense, no bullshit. Just me talking to you: if you want it, order it now or sometime this weekend. Stock the hell up.

Last chance.

Click on the link to the Superstore on this page, at the T-mag article section or click RIGHT HERE.

R.I.P. MAG-10




This is like death of a close friend.

FUCK! The absolute best supplement ever! And it was already illegal north of your border for guys like me.

Is there any way to fight this stupid law?


I think I am seriously going to cry...THIS IS F-ING BULLSH@#! You know you try and do the right thing and stay clean (I've been living off Mag-10) through the whole trials and tribulations of diet and exercise and what do you get...air in one hand and shit in the other! I should have just bought some gear when I was stationed in Tailand.


I just bought my last 6 bottles for a total stock of 15. Once that's gone, I'm moving to AAS. I've stayed legal for 13 years. Since our lovely government is now penalizing me for staying healthy, trying to protect me from myself, and telling me that MAG-10 is somehow bad for me I've got no reason to respect any law they make regarding what I put in my own body. I've had it. AAS here I come.


I guess the best think biotest did besides mag-10 is fill us the the knowledge of finaplex...I vote TC for pres.


I still have about one bottle..I was going to use it during my cutting to keep muscle ubt know it seems like i should save it for one last 2 week cycle, not sure it it will stay good though, its already opened...FUCKERS


Well, I still haven't gotten around to trying the old liquid stuff I bought when it went on sale. I have boxes from the last buy 2 get 2 deal. And I have a new box of three I got in today. I still don't know when I'll decide to use them, but at least I'll have them ready for me.

What about 4-AD-EC and other supplements? Any worries about them?


why is everybody surprised ???



I'm ordering now, but a quick question - should you put a large supply in the fridge? I know the shelf life is long already, but checking anyway.


Well, I mean, I'm furious.

But really appreciate the heads-up and the one-on-one approach you guys at Biotest take.

Thanks a lot.

Will purchase what I can afford.

Gonna go to bed now before I kill something.

Still can't believe this crap...


Everyone should write 1 letter per week to the mofos that bannned it. Anyone have an address?


Does any place you guys know of still carry the liquid version?


What a sad day for all of us! Looks like some of us will have to resort back to dodgy dealers selling fake vegy oil.Maybe even home made steriod brews out of cattle implants. The U.S goverment is so wise!

Very fed up, Englishman


I trust t-mag to find even better products and substances.

anyway, this is a great promo chriss.


MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!, thanks biotest for the mag-10 i am now going to dive in to some of my savings and buy me some of the gooooooooood stuff!!!


Chris and Tim and everyone else involved,

Thank you for all that you have done for us--and will no doubt continue to do. You've benefitted me (and many others) over the years, and we appreciate it.

Good luck in the supplement business; we'll be there, ready to support you, because we know we can trust what you produce to be effective and safe.



I couldnt think of anything to say that would top this.

Great Post, I second it.



OK - I am going to raid my local Vitamin Shoppe. Chris - How long will M10 keep? Frig or freezer? Anyone else know?


Sorry to hear the news Shugs.