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MAG-10 is an Androgen?


According to this article by Joel Marion http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/...diet.../the_cheaters_diet MAG-10 is an androgen. Isn't an androgen a steroid compound? As far as I was aware MAG-10 was basically leucine-rich casein hydrolysate. Can someone clarify?


Several years back, Biotest had another supplement available called MAG-10. It was an androgen. I believe it was a combination of A1E and 4AD-EC. Very good supplement.

It was discontinued when pro-hormones/pro-steroids were banned.


There used to be another product called MAG-10 many years ago: http://figureathlete.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/special_reports/mag10_150_the_legacy


T-Nation noob!


Gotcha thanks.

Not to be a hater but I'm surprised Joel took anything like that. I wouldn't look at him and think that was a guy who took any super supps :confused:


Joel used to be quite beastly. At his high point he was up at a lean 260 at 6'4"


lets see the wheels!