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MAG-10 in UK or Ireland


Hi Guys trying to source this in UK or Ireland. Bit risking with the cost of shipping getting it seized. Ireland is a disaster to get stuff in. Anyone have any idea in Europe where it can be sourced?

Thanks in advance


Mate I asked the same question about getting it into Australia.

I was told to speak to customs first, then order. Write out a comprehensive list of what's in it, then email it off and see what they say.


I've gotten Anaconda shipped here from this site and that got through no problem (Its Mag10 with a few more ingredients). I know of another Irish member who has gotten the full Anaconda Protocol shipped over and didn't hear of any problems.


I rely on Peptopro for this purpose, which is available from a UK online supplier at a reasonable price. I do not doubt the efficacy of MAG-10, I just feel it is out of my budget here in the UK. I also accept that it has additional ingredients, e.g. leucine. However, as far as I'm aware the main studies heralding the benefits of hydrolysed casein looked at this substance alone, so it is clearly a fantastic stand-alone product. Obviously aminos like leucine can be sourced and added if you feel like you're missing out and the budget permits. That's certainly what I do.


(BTW for the love of God get it with flavouring)


Might be hijacking the thread a little here but...Is it just MAG-10 you think they could seize or would it be any and all of the Biotest products or other supps? Bit of a noob when it comes to that and I dont what to go spend a couple hundred euro only to not recieve anything!



i know for sure that there will be no problem shipping Biotest supps into aus. i live in perth and have shipped the whole Anaconda protocol over several times, HOT-ROX, Flameout Surge and Metabolic Drive all with no issues at all. only problem now is the shipping costs :confused:




Pointless. It's cheaper to order straight from here.



Just as an aside for any other Irish folks.

I live between USA, Scotland, England & Ireland with my job.

Ireland is a DISASTER.

Spike Cans - Seized
Spike Tablets - Seized
Z-12 - Seized
HOT-ROX - Seized

Only let through Flameout, Leucine

I'd be MOST hesitant to order anything expensive to Ireland.