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MAG-10 in the DC Area

Im starting a bulking phase and am interested in getting a hold of some MAG-10 or something of the like. Im in Washington, DC and can not have it mailed to me, as the university checks our packages and what not(through the same system official federal mail is checked).
This means i’d need someone in the area who would have it/know where to get it. At a last resort, somewhere i could have it mailed and get it from.
(PM me)

1)This should be in the Steroid Forum

  1. you are asking on an open forum for someone to step up and accept an illegal substance for you.

  2. go get yourself a P.O.Box


Thanks bro.
My stupidity is alot more obvious to me now.

Dude, don’t worry abou the PO box. Do you really think the people at your school have any clue what the fuck MAG-10 is, or what a prohormone is, or that they are illegal? They will prolly think its a vitamin or some shit.

Don’t sweat it. Cops do NOT enforce possession of prohormones whatsoever. How do I know? I have asked dozens of them. They all had no clue what they were, or even cared once I explained it to them.

They have bigger fish to fry

In the district all university mail goes through the same filtration systems that mail entering the white house does. Its pretty risky to say the least.

I don’t know how the hell they have it, but The GNC close to where I live still has a small supply of MAG-10.


First off do you know someone who is willing to sell you part of their stash?

Um, isn’t opening mail without a warrant a federal offense?

[quote]nephorm wrote:
Um, isn’t opening mail without a warrant a federal offense?[/quote]

They don’t open your mail, it goes threw an x-ray machine.

Either way, your being way to overcautious. I guarantee it will ship fine. MAG-10 is NOT being policed whatsoever.

I mean it can’t be sold here anymore, but to already have it, you will be fine.

Why should these be in the steroid forum? Ha last time I checked MAG-10 wasn’t a steroid, it was a supplement. Like these guys said, I wouldn’t worry about it. It comes in a retail bottle and from looking at some of these new supplement bottles, MAG-10 doesn’t look that suspicious

Well the reason is it is Now classified as a steroid by the new laws and carries all the same penalties. Sad but true.

Over cautiousness is due to what Phil pointed out above. Those are some serious offenses, most of which would, yeah it sounds lame, ruin the rest of my life as my tuition and residence is all on scholarship and i would surely lose all that and more.

Yes ive found someone willing to sell MAG-10, as well as a few sites for the real thing. Still doing some general research, but would like to have my hands on something particular and then research that specifically before cycling.

Thanks for feedback guys, I appreciate it.

You know that GNC readily carries MAG-10 and you havent bought it all yet?

Ha I was thinking the same thing. Where is this GNC? I’ll drive accross the country for a few bottles of that!

I have seen the MAG-10 in GNC It is another version they come out with. It is not anything like the Legacy we know and love.

I found a website online here that sells
Biotest MAG-10 the destroyer for $79 a bottle!

Says they have it in stock too?

What do you guys think?

On a slightly off-topic note, what is the difference/similarity between MAG-10 and Superdrol? Has anyone tried both?