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Mag-10 in NZ

I am going to the States soon, and was hoping to bring back some Mag-10. Does anyone know if the authorities allow it into New Zealand?

Go to a supplement shop in N.Z. they would know. Tell them it has 4-AD in it.

I live in OZ it is illegal here, what do others think the best non steroidal suplements are and why?


Well, yes and no. You can actually buy Mag-10 here (in NZ) already. Contact Cliff at fitnet.co.nz-- he stocks it as do some other folks. For some reason it’s slipped under the Customs radar. However, you can’t buy 4-AD-EC here. Go figure.

However, I was told that the last Mag-10 shipment sat at Customs for a good long time while they figured out what they were going to do with it.

Since Customs seems to be so whimsical, I would get if from fitnet or somebody else here and pay a bit more for it, or risk bringing it in and plan on doing a lot of explaining if they find it. I don’t think they’ll like the label very much. :slight_smile:

Customs is such a huge pain in the ass now since MAF is x-raying everything that comes in and out of the country.

On a completely irrelevant note, Customs recently held onto 4 containers of Grow and demanded that I fax them label information before they’d release it. You can buy Grow here, so I found that a wee bit amusing.

Assume the worst will happen. You get caught and it is illegal. Here is an alternative approach. Buy all all the Mag-10 you can. Buy an equal amount of Pepto Bismol ounces. Dump the Pepto and wash out the bottles. Pour the Mag-10 into the Pepto bottles. The smell and taste are similar. Get the idea?

Hi for the Kiwis!
I ordered mine and it has arrived whitout any problem I live in WGTN.

Thanks for the info. I guess it doesn’t help matters having pro-steroid written over the bottle. Customs tend to flip out at things like that.

To Hungarian on Mag-10: I spoke to you at the gym last week. We will have to discuss further.

well I did manage to find this…www.customs.govt.nz/ importers/faqs/ can+i+import+bodybuilding +supplements+for+my+own+use.asp

The Ministry of Health never replied when I contacted them a while back…