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mag-10 in my system Bill??

 I'm sure the question has been asked before, but I can't seem to find the answer. I was wondering how long Mag-10 will stay in my system.  I am doing a show that is tested the end of April.  Thanks a lot for your help! 

Well, to be precise some amount of it will remain for months. However, there is always 4-AD in the body (in higher levels actually than testosterone) so trace levels of 4-AD that originally came from 4-AD-EC in MAG-10 are irrelevant to a drug test. Androst-1-ene is
naturally present in only trace amounts, but
is not itself prohibited so far as I know,
so if that is correct, you could have any level
of it in the body and not fail.

Unless that is that someone interprets its
presence as being evidence of boldenone usage,
since it is a possible metabolite of boldenone. However, to my knowledge, it’s the 5beta isomer of Androst-1-ene that is considered to be evidence of boldenone usage, which is not present in MAG-10.

what the the banned substances? that’s probably a more important question then how long will mag 10 stay in your susyem. maybe you should find a meet that isn’t tested if you took a banned substance.

wild thought… but maybe don’t enroll into competitions for naturals (I’m assuming this is why it has tests since it is for naturals…). Yea yea others use it and if you won’t you’ll be at a disadvantage, whatever…

Mag-10 is currently legal and is not a banned substance in naturla competitions. If Mag-10 makes you test positive for some steroids, it does not mean you were trying to cheat

Thank-you Bill. To the others who didn’t try to answer my question, yet try to tell me what to do…well…they know what they can do.

i’m not sure what natural contests you compete in, but at least the aapf, ipf, ioc, and aipa ban sndro substances. these are not body building federations and i don’t know what the mr usa or whatever ban. mag 10 contains at least 17-hydroxyandrost-1-ene-3-one or Androst-1-ene and 4-androstenediol ac (4-AD-ac).
. hmm. sounds like andro substances to me. if you are using them in a drug free organization, you are cheating. have the decency to find a non drug tested organization and compete. i’m sure there are plenty out their.

I honestly don’t know, because I haven’t
checked, what the latest status is with
various amateur bodybuilding organizations
with regard to “andro” substances. At least
as of a while back, there were some that
were perfectly happy with competitors using
legal andro products, while others were not.
It would be important to find out what your organization’s rules are.

I must be missing something…If MAG-10 can be bought legally at most stores or the gym, and is not an illegal substance, what is the problem with using it for any competition? It is not an unfair advantage for me to use it if “you” can buy it too. I just consider it another brand of supplement.

There are many things which are legal,
but which some sports federations do not
wish athletes to take. For example, ephedrine.