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MAG-10 in Capsules


I absolutely love this concept !! I haven't gotten any yet, but will in the near future. This sure as hell beats the liquid, as far as dosing and having to swallow it. Is anyone using it yet ?? How is it, and how does it compare to the original ?? what about the concept of "Tapering" off of it ??? It's got to be easier than before. You could possibly work up to 12 pills/day and over a course of a few weeks, lower the dosage to like 2 a day to minimize suppresion, if any. What do you all think ? (I'm thinking of a 6 week cycle, with a 2-3 week taper.)


hey podge, it won't come out till the 22nd. you can go to biotestedge.com to pre order for it.


Dude, Podge, you should probably read Cy Willson's 'Juicer's SAT' before coming to any conclusions on how to "dose" this new Mag-10...