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Mag 10 in Canada

Anybody know how to get MAG 10 in Canada…I even went to some little health food stores and asked if they had any under the counter…no such luck…can anyone help me on this… looking in Ontario.specifically in Toronto… I was going to order them online but with border security I doubt I will ever get them…thanks in advance

What if you bought it through a secondary source. Perhaps ebay as it wouldn’t have to be packaged in any suspicious way.

Dude, do a search for the exact same subject as your post as this has been discussed before with a lot of solutions to your problem.

you can order atleast 2 through here and it should make it through customs. i got mine and i live in the yukon but it still had to come through vancouver. maybe even try one at a time.

Hey darren how long did it take to get to your house?

it took about a week(6-7 days) to get to my house and that was over christmas

darren did u order from biotest, cuz i live in vancouver, i ordered 4AD EC from bodybuilding.com. Its been 2 weeks and still no stuff.