Mag 10 in Canada

i said i would tell all you canadians here how long it took my mag10 to get from the ebay guys to me, here in good old canada. it took all of 5 days, ordered wednesday night and it got here monday. the people who sold it to me said it was a gift valued at $20, some damn smart guys i tell you. i didnt even have to pay tax or duty, pure gold. all in all it cost me $65 US with shipping, just plain sweet

Mike - good to hear that you were able to get your stuff. I am an avid reader of the forum but have never posted until now. The reason I will now is so I can relay my experience with trying to order Mag 10 into Canada so our Canadian brothers can hear both sides of what could potentially happen. I’ll try to make a long story short but in a nutshell I tried to order Mag 10 from an online company that I had used for other supps in California. Other products were shipped with no problems and they were always discretely marked even though these were products that were not as much of a “grey” area as Mag 10, much more “tame”. So I decided to bite the bullet especially when the owner told me that he had shipped to his buddy in Calgary without any hassle. I placed an order in Feb and it never came. After a few weeks I called and the owner said he would send another one but we never found out what happened to that package. He sent the next one (which contained 3 bottles of Mag 10, M, and other stuff) and after a few weeks I called to find out where it was. We tracked it through US shipping, then to FedEx in Canada and then was told by FedEx that it was seized by Customs and Immigration. Right about there I was thinking that I had learned an expensive lesson (all in all it was about $400 CDN and I wasn’t about to try and argue with Customs because well…they just don’t get it and we all know what a losing battle that would be). I thought it was over there, however a few weeks after that (we are now talking a good 2 1/2 months from my original order) I walked into my office one day and there was a lady standing there. I asked her if I could help her and she said she was there to speak to “_________” (insert my name here). I asked her what it was regarding and she flashed a RCMP badge and said it was about “the order of steroids I tried to import”.
Now luckily I work for myself and share an office with a couple of other people that know me very well and know I’m not into “importing” anything illegal but I imagine anyone else who has a regular job may have some awkward explaining to do to co-workers and their boss when someone starts flashing a badge. Anyway, the officer was pretty cool but did go so far as to tell me they checked all of my background to see if I had some sort of history for anything and to see who I was. Fortunately, I am squeeky clean for that sort of thing. I tried to talk to her about the product itself and use a “it’s not really a steroid” kind of thing but even I thought it was weak. Since they weren’t going to seek any legal action, I decided not to push her in my moral high ground because it would have been a losing cause since she obviously wasn’t there for a discussion, but to make sure I knew the law.
She also said that the box was to be destroyed and that it would be wise for me not to attempt ordering anything since I’ll probably be relatively ‘red-flagged’ in the computer now.
So the moral of the story is, it could have been a lot worse but it was an expensive lesson. I don’t want to take anything away from Biotest but Canadian buyers beware!!
ps - Mike - I am really glad it did work out for you and all others that have received it, but I thought I should post just so everyone knows the in’s and out’s. C-dogg.

So you’re the asshole that outbid me!! Naw, just kidding. Good luck w/ it…

C-DOGG I feel for you man. Thanks for your info. It’ll help us make a good decision about ordering.
Personally I ordered right from biotest and it made it fine in Ontario. I hear aweful things about getting stuff into Calgary though.
I had no idea the RCMP would waste their time on such trivial stuff. Do you guys not have provincial police there?
I bet after you told the officer that Mag-10 wasn’t a steroid she went back and snagged it for herself, Butch.

My order of 3 bottles of Mag-10 from Biotest arrived today, 14 days later. It sat in customs for 12 of those days, and I was beginning to wonder if it would ever arrive. But arrive it did, with a $55 duty fee.

Ebay? Would that be I went there and could not find MAG10. What site are you refering to?

c-dogg, i feel for you man. i live in bc so maybe they are a little more relaxed here. they didnt even open my package. i was worryed about how on the mag10 package it actually says “pro-STERIOD”, i figured they would take one look at that and put it in the “this guy is screwed bin”. looks like you got the bin

thanks for the empathy, guys. To correct something that was misleading, I actually don’t live in Calgary. I refer to that because when I asked the owner of the online store if he had shipped to Canada before, he said he sent an order to a friend in Calgary and this guy got the stuff with no problems. I actually live in BC. Either way, scared as hell to order anything more than Vitamin freakin C now.