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Mag 10 in Canada

has anyone in canada ordered mag10 from any online merchant and had it get through customs? i really want to order some but i dont want to get my ass sent to prision or something like that just cause i live in canada

There’s no way you’re going to prison. You can have the stuff just not buy it.
Anyway I ordered it in Toronto just fine right from Biotest.
There’s a guy on ebay getting it to people in Alberta.

2 for 2 from Netrition

It’s too bad that there’s no search function for the forums because this question was answered last week. Even more unfortunately the message thread seems to have been deleted.

The summary answer to your question from the previous thread is that you can buy it directly from Biotest, which ships to Canada no problem, OR you can buy it off a guy on ebay who’s cheaper (do a search for Biotest on ebay) and charges $5 for shipping. You can also buy it from http://www13.netrition.com/ biotest_mag10_page.html which ships to Canada without a problem. Finally, some people have found it ‘behind the counter’ in Toronto, but there weren’t any other details about where that was specifically.

Some folks in Alberta reported having a hard time with customs, though.

I’m sorry but how old are you???

I have a package of 4AD EC at customs right now and has been there for almost 4 weeks now ordered it from biotest and being unlucky like I usually am it got snagged .But the thing is it is not illegal to use prohormones for personal use but it is illegal to sell them.And yes 3 or less is the magic number that customs looks at for personal use.I spoke with a drug inspector from customs and he said that it should not be a problem getting this prohormone through if it is only 3 or less and again for personal use.However when biotest sends out there products to Canada they are labeled with “nutritional supplement” and customs will automatically forward all packages with this title to a secondary establishment for inspection:ie a Drug inspector. Now because of today’s increased security with the mail system this has slowed things down thanks to all the anthrax scares. I did read however from another forum lately that an individual ordered androsol and received it 3-4 months later and the only thing was that there was a note attached from customs saying that they opened it for inspection purposes.Other than that no problem but the wait.Fed ex and whatever shipper may be involved receive so many packeges weekly back from customs to forward on to the customer and in that light you can continue to track it on the internet or phone as with fed ex.My tracking shows mine has made it to Montreal and voila that is the secondary establishment for the Maritimes which is where I am.Unless you get a loser at customs then you should eventually get your goods but it could take some time.There are occassions when it does not get snagged at all but that is the risk you have to take.And as said on the customs site if it is not released by customs then you have the option to return to sender ,the drug inspector told me the same thing.Hope this helps and oh yeah!!!You can order from a couple of sources that seem to be getting there stuff by customs and to the customer right away .leave your email for me if you want me to give them to you!But bottom line though, it is NOT illegal.

thanks a lot for the info guys, especially DC. i will be ordering my mag-10 shortly

I recieved 1 mag 10, and one 4ae today in the mail from bodybuilding.co. It was opened at customs and had a little love letter saying that my package was opened and found to contain substances that are considered illegal drugs in canada but since it appears for personal use it is ok.

How long was your stuff at Customs and what is your destination province?My 4AD EC has been at customs for over 4 weeks now and i ordered it from biotest.I am in Nova Scotia and my package is at customs in Motreal for inspection,is that where yours went?Is it ever frustrating!!

It took about 6 weeks. I’m in the same boat as you, as I live in Halifax. It went through customs via N.B I think. You’ll get it but just may take a while longer. I haven’t not recieved an order yet.

Thanx Jo Momma!!So this wasn’t your first time ordering ,does 6 weeks seem to be the regular wait.And i am trialing the product so as far as guarantee did you talk to biotest concerning your 90 days of use(ie: could not start til 6 weeks after the order)?

It seems like you can get your Prohormones if you live anywhere but Alberta or Saskatchewan. I ordered 3 Mag10’s and it was seized and destroyed. My buddy in Vancouver got his ok though.

I didn’t order through biotest I ordered through bodybuilding.com. This is my fourth or fifth time getting 4ad into Halifax. It usually takes about 4-6 weeks and I have to pay tax on the Canadian Value.