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MAG-10 in Canada

What a great site for info, Any ideas to where I may find mag 10 in my anti-prohormone and anti-anabolic country (Canada)??. I order all my supplements via the net. I know I can get some “stuff” from behind the counter and via certain guys at the gym, but I would like to try Mag 10 and with our dollar sucking so huge I would hate to risk a mail order.

Sh*t. I just spent half an hour surfing the web looking for the best deal for Biotest products … and here I could have just posted. Crap. Anyway, since you’re answering this guy, who sells the cheapest Biotest in Canada?

I know that www.Renegadenutrition.com carries a full line of Biotest products but I don’t know if they have Mag-10. They are located in Halifax so you may still be stuck with mail order but at least “our” buck won’t suck as bad, get it eh??

I ordered it through biotest online. Cost me a pretty penny, but I recieved the package in less then a week after purchasing it. I live in Ontario by the way.