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Mag-10 in Canada? Any Luck?

I’m curious of any Canadians have risked ordering Mag-10 and if they were successful in getting it. I’d like to give it a shot, but I don’t want to piss away my money on something I’m not gonna get.

Been discussed to death. do a search.
Quick recap though, it goes through in Ontario for sure, not in alberta, and sometimes everywear else
:slight_smile: Groove

Mag-10 is easy to find in canada , ask around your gym…

I go a nice letter from Customs after successfully getting 2 bottle into Alberta. Don’t risk the money if you’re in Alberta, talk to the guy behind the counter at the local shop. They’ll hit you up for about 200 bucks a bottle if they have it. A lot of dosh, but think of it this way, order it in from stateside, lose it and you’re out $125-150.

I 'd like to know how good of a deal I can find in Canada. I’m happy with the price I paid, but would like to know what the best going Canadian price is.

Damn, with the cold weather and the Canadian FDA,I’m beginning to think this country really sucks! They have no concern for us T-Men whatsoever. :slight_smile:

Our politicians are spending millions of dollars to keep these “highly dangerous” products out of Canada. Meanwhile these morons blow a billion plus on a gun registry that doesn’t even work and to top it off, how much do you figure they spend on fighting things like child porn? A heluva lot less that a billion dollars, I’d guess. Anyway, I suppose I should be ranting in Off Topic…