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mag 10 in a nutshell

Hey all…was just wondering after looking at all the information and opinions on mag 10 if by now there seem to be any generalizations that can be made as to what works best with it as far as diet and training are concerned? Have any trends emerged that seem to work better than others - any guidelines that a newcomer to mag 10 should be aware of? It seems by now that enough have used this pro-steroid and evaluated the responses to form some sort of concensus as to what works best “out in the field”. Maybe Bill and Chris have the best view of the big picture, but I am sure others have really valuable insights. It would really be helpful and informative. As a separate question - can anyone summarize in a sentence or two why tribex or M are recommended after a cycle of mag 10? Many thanks to all T-folks!!! Long live this forum!

Probably the strongest point I should make
is that regardless of personal experience
or education many may have that convinces
them that I’m stupid to recommend 400 grams
of protein per day, if they want to gain
mass quickly they should follow this advice.
Carbs should also be kept to 500 grams per
day or more. Fats should be limited because
they add calories and potential for fat gain
while, in this situation, adding little or
nothing to potential for mass gain.

While on this sort of program, protein and
carbs both contribute heavily to gains, and
consuming fat calories either restricts your
protein and carbs (for same total calories and
total fat gain) or results in more fat gain than needed if protein and carbs are kept the same.

Also, you’ll get results quicker if you take
a double dose on the first day (either a single
dose two different times on day one, or a double dose one time.)

Results are ordinarily excellent with one dose per day. It is appearing that particularly with
more advanced users, two doses per day may
add another 30-50% to results (as an estimation) compared to one dose per day, but by no means assume you need two doses to be extremely satisfied. I recommend using one dose and, after one week, sticking with it if you’re completely happy with results, e.g. at least a 5 lb gain and increasing only in the
relatively unlikely event that results were less despite training and nutrition being as they should be. Don’t worry, you won’t have wasted the first week even in this case – you’ll be primed for an outstanding second week.