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MAG-10, I need to know how it works best.

Hey guys, this is just for the people who have done MAG-10 with Tribex. In your opinion, what is the best way to cycle it and to get the best results. Also, can anyone give some numbers? I mean I want to know how much you gained while on it and how much you kept.


Erm…you should try doing a search. This subject has been exhausted to death.

Do search and check the FAQ’s on the site for your ansewers.

kike, do a search on “Mag-10 Plan for Success.” It has some pretty good recommendations on workout and how to eat.

I tell you what. If you read the article for me, I’ll help you run the numbers. I change a few of the variables based on a person’s goals.

You’ll be happy with your results if you have a well-thought-out dietary and workout plan in place before you start. But in the two weeks you’re on, you’re going to feel like eating is your full-time job – that and clean and cooking and shopping and eating again?!? (grin)