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MAG 10 - How much have you gained?

How much muscle (if you didn’t do a caliper test, then how much weight total) have you gained on Mag 10? How long have you been using? Me, I’ve just finished my second 2 week cycle and have gained a total of 18 pounds total (didn’t do a caliper, though.) This is truely an awesome product!

grave digger.

those are some amazing gains!!!

what was your diet like?


I’ve been on Mag-10 for 5 days and I went from 247 to 257 in that time. I’ve been eating about a 5300 calorie diet with a 40-40-20 macronutrient ratio. To be honest, I’m a bit confused. Where the heck did 10 pounds come from in only 5 days??? It surely can’t all be muscle. Other than the Mag-10, my supplementation has been the same.

7 solid pounds. Diet was normal, just a slight increase in protein.

Guys- What was your dosage for these results, 1x or 2x per day. Thanks in advance.

i’ve gained a solid 10 pounds in 3 weeks

7 solid lbs in 2 weeks.
I used it 2x on day one and 1x each subsequent day.
Next time, 2x/day for 2 weeks!!!
What dosing cause the 18lb gain!!!

18 ml the first day, 9 ml per day thereafter.

There has to be some extra weight from all the food in your intestines, and some water retention. When you go back to eathing “normally” let me know what your results are:)

The 10 lbs. in five days was mostly water weight due to glycogen stores being maximized. For each gram of carbohydrate your body stores, it also stores four grams of water. After my first two week cycle, I quickly dropped 3-4 lbs. of water when I brought my calories down (much of the reduction through carbs).

By the way, while the data set is nowhere near large enough for what I’m saying here to be solid enough for a scientific paper or anything, when I fit posted MAG-10 results that mentioned gains at specified time points to an equation, the average results were that
gains were 3 lb (simply from being on the cycle) plus just under 0.5 lb per day.

Which happens to fit in with your observation, Eric, with regard to weight that’s probably due to glycogen and glycogen-associated water.

I started my 2 weeks at 184, bumped calories +1000 and got 400g protein and 400g carbs each day. After 2 weeks, ended at 194 (I had been this high in the past, so it’s not like I smashed a plataeu (sp?!) or anything). kept my protein and calories up for the week after (ending today), and weighed in at 191 this morning. Now while I did get a little bit thicker in the shoulder/trap area (possibly because of a 4 on 1 off approach instead of training 4x a week), my ass seems to have gotten a bit larger as well (I think someone else posted on another thread about a similar perdicament). While I am yet to render my verdict on the Mag10, I figure if I can realistically gain 3 SOLID POUNDS each cycle (and I’ve got 2 more go rounds planned),… and KEEP it,… well, then that will be worth the $200 (plus all the extra food). I’ve been happy with androsol/nandrosol in the past, and have gotten up to 197 (and not fat either),… the results never seemed to stay over the course of a few months. I’m hoping that if I can break 200# (and not look too fat) with the mag10, I can diet down (slowly) with a half dose of androsol a day and hopfully be ripped at 185 (6 - 9% bf), instead of the ~10-13% I was before (usually diet to 175 in the summer).

I took 2 doses/day. Immediately after cycle 1, I was up 14 lbs. and then got up to 16 after the first week off. During the second week off, I lost about 3 pounds. I’ve kept my calories up quite a bit higher (my appetite hasn’t decreased any because of an herbal tea I’m taking which helps with that) For me, the 2 doses/day have been well worth the extra flo.