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Mag-10 & Hot-Rox

If you use Hot-Rox, while using Mag-10 will this minimize muscle loss. Better yet, can you do the impossible and actually build a little muscle.

It sounds feasible that you could potentially build muscle while losing fat if you were dead on with nutrient timing.

Has anyone tried this? If so, how were the results?

Yep. You just get bigger much, much slower. But if you hate that heavy or bloated feeling/look from eating above maintenance calories, it’ll work.

I use Mag-10 as a way to increase volume while having calories close to maintenance. GVT + cardio every session would be overtraining if not for the Mag-10 and that I get plenty of calories from carbs during the 2 hrs after my workout. During a 2 week cycle you can lose a significant amount of fat while adding a bit of muscle.