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Mag 10 help

I have a question and I’m hoping you guys can help me. I have a 2 month offseason in which I want to put on as much lean body mass as possible and would like to use Mag 10. As I have never used steroids or prohormones and have probably not reached my growth potential I think that a gain of 20-25 lbs would not be impossible. My question is this, would one 8 week cycle of mag 10 work better than 3 2 week cycles with 2 wk breaks in between? And if the 8 week cycle will give me greater gains, at what stage would I begin using M and Tribex and for how long would I need to use them? (would 2 weeks at the end of the cycle be enough?).

It honestly depends on how much time you want to spend. If your priority is how you look specifically 8 weeks from “today” then 8 weeks straight is the way to go. However, doing 3 cycles of 2on/2off is likely to give better results.

So, if you have the time and the patience, it will be more beneficial to use Mag-10 for two weeks at a time, for three cycles, rather than one cycle of eight weeks.

Even if you don’t make greater gains in terms of LBM, most anecdotal evidence would suggest that the amount of that mass that you will retain post-cycle will almost certainly be greater.

Also, I am not certain, but if you were going to do an eight week cycle of Mag-10, I believe you would need much longer than two weeks on Tribex/M. In fact, you may want to try something stronger, like Clomid, if you plan on doing a cycle that long. Hope this helps.

I would go with the three 2-week cycles with 2-4 weeks in between; you stand a better chance of maintaining your gains.