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Mag 10 half dose

I did a search on the forum and didn’t quite find an answer to my question. I was wondering about taking a half dose of Mag 10/day while doing a fat fast type diet with timed refeeds.

Question 1: Would it be a bad idea, health wise to take mag 10 for 4 weeks or longer at half a dose a day.

Question 2: Would the half dose a day be enough to stave of fat fast induced catabolism.

Question 3:If I wasn’t to do a fat fast and maybe did a more moderate diet would taking a half dose of mag 10 per day be worth it??

Thanks guys and gals

:slight_smile: Groove

4-ad-ec for more moderate diets, Mag-10 for severe dieting. Taking 1/2 doses just isn’t efficient in my opinion.