Mag-10 Gone?!

I just went to the T-nation store and noticed that Mag-10 can’t be ordered anymore. It’s not gone already is it? Any news?

I will hopefully be able to answer this soon, just waiting on the official word. It’s not an error though: MAG-10 can’t be ordered from the Superstore right now.

There are still plenty of other places on the net to order Mag-10, but im sure the stock will become low and be gone fast. As of now, i have 10 bottles in my possession, and i plan on getting more.

I have 6 bottles. I found a small online store thats run out of yahoo shopping that still selling the stuff for 50 dollars.

Im stocked good for a few years if I don’t plan to share with my friends lol.

Well, the shame of it is it really works, you know what you’re getting, etc. Tribex and Red Kat are good too but not as powerful. One clerk that I deal with said its the 4AD but who knows?

I have 8 Plan for Success but plan on getting more if possible.

Just got my 6 bottles delivered. Ordered last nite. Forwarned is forarmed. I put a thread in about a month ago saying GNC was pulling all prohormones and prosteroids and people thought I was crazy. Damn baseball players. First ephedra and now this.

Still no word yet from Tim, but I can tell you that Tim is running around with a manic look in his eyes and talking crazy. It’s a good kinda crazy though, so that’s okay!

I guess GNC was selling their stock dirt cheap- but i missed the boat. Called several today and they said they had to ship back any they had left.

a good kinda crazy chris?? is that cos of biotest’s soon to be released product?? hhmmmmm???