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Mag 10 Gains

I’ve read just about everything on the site about Mag 10 and the lbm mass increases people have had and their measurements etc. But for you people who have used it for a 2 week cycle or even a couple cycles, what did u achieve in terms of strength? For example: Benching, Squat, Deadlift 1 RM increases. Has your strength jumped up drastically, say a 20-30 pound increase in ur max bench or has it been more moderate with say a 10-20 pound increase in the max bench? thanks.

My strength did increase pretty drastically. I took about 5 two week cycles in 5 months. I later read in a T-mag that you can take up to like 12 week cycle and still be safe which you would clearly get better results with. Anyway, I gain about 25-30 on my bench, 50 deadlift, and 50 squat during that time. I have not take anything in the past 4 months and that strength has stayed in full. Just remember to eat like an animal while on it, a carnivore.

Hmm…see I dont really see a 25-30 pound increase in the bench a very drastic gain for 5 months on 5 cycles of mag 10…I could probably increase my bench a good 15-20 pounds in that period with absolutely nothing. Then again, maybe u have been lifting for several years as I have not and am not near my genetic potential. What do u think?

I didn’t notice strength gains being as dramatic as size gains, maybe because i pretty much overtraining when im on the stuff. strength was up at the end of each cycle but not comparable to how much strength i would have gained for the same amount of weight normally.
Does that make sense?
one cylce i put on 6 kgs mostly keeper muscle. tres cool