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MAG-10 Gains

I don’t consider myself to be an advanced bodybuilder. I’m an average person who lifts weights four times per week, sometimes five. I consume enough calories to maintain my current weight. My goals are for developing some muscular size and definition. I would like to know what type of size or definition can be developed from MAG10 while consuming calories equal to maintenance. Do you have any feedback? Or is MAG10 not an appropriate product in this situation? The posts I’ve read about the gains that have been acheived while on MAG10 state that they are consuming 1,000 plus calories over maintenance level.

The feedback is also saying that these people eating over 1000 cals over maintenance aren’t gaining fat, not like they would if not using MAG-10. So why eat less and risk less gains?

You’d see positive body composition changes
while staying on the same calories as you’ve
been using for maintenance, but you’d neither
be losing fat nearly as fast as you potentially
might, nor gaining muscle nearly as fast as you potentially might. You’d do much better,
if both fat loss and muscle gain are desired, to alternately use fat loss and muscle gain diets.