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Mag-10 Frontloading

Who here believes that frontloading Mag-10 is essential, important or even just beneficial? What if any are the benefits that frontloading offers? Personal experiences would be much appreciated. I would have liked to gotten the answer for this off of an old thread rather than waste the time of fellow t-men but I can’t seem to find the Mag-10 support group.

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You need to type in “support group”. I think “MAG-10” is too short. I know some search engines work that way.

Anyway, the results were very clear - those who frontloaded did better. Personally, I got the best results with 1.5 doses per day and a frontload of 2. High protein intake of course.

Frontloading is very important. Do it.

Read Bill Robert’s column “The Chemical Solution” in Testosterone number 200.

Thanks for the link Hot Chick. So, does frontloading consist of only one day of above normal dosage? What’s the half-life of Mag-10? Thanks!

I too would like to know, I’m starting my first Mag-10 cycle next friday…

Yes, Mag-10 should be front loaded. The objective of front loading is to get a maximal blood hormone level as fast as possible. If you do not front load Mag-10 or some medium-to-long acting steroids the time it takes to reach the optimal level is relatively high 7-10 days and that really decrease the efficacy of a cycle, especially in the case of a 2-3 weeks cycle.

I agree that frontloading is beneficial to your MAG-10 experience. However, I’ve always employed a strategy that’s different than the usual 2 doses on the first day protocol. My thinking is “If I’m gonna take two doses on day 1 of my cycle in hopes of getting the MAG-10 into my system faster, why not just take one dose during the afternoon of the day before I ‘officially’ start the cycle.” I don’t know if this is really a better method than simply taking 2 doses on the first day, but I know it helps my mental state during my first training session of the cycle. I feel like the juices are already flowing, and subsequently tear shit up. Any thoughts on this strategy?

So how much should we take to front load Mag-10?

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With steroids (long esters) the average front loading dose is the equivalent of 5 days worth of drugs. With Mag-10 you may not need that much but I feel that 3-4 doses on day 1 is a good front loading procedure. One could also do doubles doses on day 1 and 2, but I believe that this would be somewhat less effective to kick start the cycle.

Thank you all for the assistance.


Thanks for the response. :slight_smile:

I recommend a frontload of twice the dose you will generally be taking through the cycle.

Incidentally, for injectable steroids the formula often does work out to the five days figure that Christian gave, but more precisely it is the amount taken on average during one half-life, plus the usual dosing. So for example if the half-life is 5 days and usual dosing is 100 mg/day, then 600 mg is taken on day 1. But for a compound with only
a one or two day half-life, like trenbolone acetate, an appropriate frontload is only 2-3 times the usual daily dose (two times seems entirely sufficient.)

Thanks for pointing that out Bill!

I don’t follow your recommendation totally.

First you said frontload twice the dose you will generally be taking through the cycle (in your ex would be 200, not 600). Then you said it is the amount taken on average during one half-life, plus the usual dosing. I’m a bit confused.

So for example if the half-life is 5 days and usual dosing is 100 mg/day, then 600 mg is taken on day 1.


The “on day 1, frontload twice the dose you’ll generally be taking” was specific to MAG-10, or would be correct for a compound with a one-day half-life.

That’s based on practical observation in the case of MAG-10.

Theoretically, the ethylcarbonate ester is similar to the propionate ester, but has an extra oxygen, which would reduce lipophilicity somewhat, so the half-life of A1-E should reasonably be somewhere around a day, which ties in with the practical observation. I cannot estimate by such a model a value for the half-life of the 4-AD-EC component, because it’s a double ester (on both 3 and 17) and I don’t have half-lives of any comparable double ester to use as a starting point for an estimation. However, for the MAG-10 product itself, the “double the usual dose” recommendation for day 1 works well and I don’t think more is needed.

I guess I’m confused since if you take 500mg on day one then on day 2 you take 100, you have close to 600 [100+(600-one days worth of decay)]. Is your goal is 100mg in the blood, why is so much extra needed? Ya, I ready for a pharm lessen :).

Your question would apply to a compound with a 5-day half-life: that would be when you’d inject 600 mg if your regular mode of administration was 100 mg/day.

Incidentally, if your mode of administration was to take 500 mg every five days, then the frontload would again be by the formula, amount taken per half-life (500 mg) plus amount taken per usual administration (500 mg) so a 1000 mg frontload.

The math behind this is that at the time
of injection, once steady state has been reached, one has one half-life’s worth of material still in the system remaining from previous injections.

So for example, if your method is 500 mg taken once every 5 days, and the half-life is 5 days, when well into the cycle, immediately after an injection you will have not only the 500 mg in your system that you just injected, but also 500 mg remaining from previous injections. So to duplicate this on day 1, you need 1000 mg.

But if injecting 100 mg per day, then when well into the cycle you have 500 mg in your system from previous injections, plus 100 mg from the current one, so 600 mg total: and this is the amount you need to frontload with.

Yes, obviously the 1000 mg frontload (for the once per 5-days injection method) gives you a higher peak than the 600 mg frontload (for the daily injection method) but it also falls off to a lower level. In any case it’s the method to achieve equivalence to the steady-state condition.