Mag-10 formula change?

I’m starting my third cycle of mag-10, and I noticed some changes. It’s now clear, tastes like uber-spearmint gum, comes with a ‘spoon’, and the directions on the bottle no longer say anything about holding it under your tongue. Has the formula changed? Or is this just more efficient? Also, I’m doing Androsol with this cycle. Any benefits to this or did I waste 30 bucks?

The look and taste has changed, but it’s still the same effective formula: 4-AD-EC and A1-E. It’s now clear, not white, and comes with a little cup thingie. Both arrive in a small box.

I still prefer an oral syringe (just poke it right through the safety seal) but the cup is easier to use than the lid and more accurate than a spoon. Spoons, despite being called a tablespoon or a teaspoon, can vary in actual ml’s.

As for holding it under your tongue, Bill Roberts has always said you don’t have to, and since he’s “Mr. Delivery System”, I’ll trust him on that.

And before anyone complains about the taste, remember that it tastes better than a needle feels in your butt. Sissies! (Just kidding.)