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MAG-10 for rehab

I was wondering if MAG-10 would be of any use in rehabilitating a muscle. Has anyone done this? Would like to here from Bill Roberts. Thanks.

Little more info. My shoulder is bunged up. I am seeing an ART practioner, and things are improving, but I was wondering if MAG-10 would speed up the process.

I tore my right pec at the insertion on the upper arm. Dr’s didn’t want to do surgery, now my shoulder joint aches when I lift. Do you think ART is helping? What does it entail?

Pharmaceutical anabolic steroids are of
some value in muscle rehabilitation, but
only as assistance rather than a magic bullet
or golden cure or anything. So I’d expect
the same from MAG-10.

If you can acquire GH, a moderate dose like
2 IU per day would probably help also.

  1. ko, what exactly do you mean by “bunged up”? But a general answer to your question is that anything that lessens your recovery time, mag 10 or otherwise, will allow you to train more often and speed up the rehabilitation process-how much it will speed it up is a different question.
  2. V2, I don’t know what your injury was caused from from, but assuming there is no damage to the joint (which most likely is not the case), you most likely have a muscle imbalance/tracking problem. As far as your joint, take glucosamine and chondrioton (1.5 recommened dose) and aviod weight movements that hurt or overly stress the joint. As far as ART check out “The miricle worker”.

Anabolics will always speed soft tissue injury healing just like they speed recovery from exercise induced micro trauma. I’ve always heard that professional and world class athletes will use various anabolics to speed recovery from injury. (they’re not tested anyway when not competing due to injury). How well Mag-10 will help healing compared to other known anabolics, I’m not sure, but I would think it would have some positive effect. Even Tribex boosting natural T would probably speed healing from higher T levels. I’ve had good luck stacking Tribex with Methoxy and seems Methoxy definately increases protein synthesis. I always gain some LBM on that stack and higher T and increased protein synthesis would promote healing, I would think. I definately think Mag-10 and/or methoxy would help.

ko, I just had another thought. You might try also adding Wobenzym. I used Wobenzym very successfully a couple years ago to heal tendonitis of the elbows and it is supposed to have a good track record in promoting healing of all soft tissue injuries. It also heals/prevents inflamation. There have been quite a few threads recently positively regarding Wobenzym and my experiences were very positive. Search Wobenzym under subject and good luck.

I can’t give you a definitive answer, as my shoulder is not really damaged, it is more of a muscle imbalance. If your pec is completelt healed , then I think that ART may help you. ART is like a deep tissue massage, except it is much more intense. The Practitioner will go in and break up the scar tissue, and realign the muscle fibres. It can be quite painful as sometimes they need to really dig in there, to get the job done, so I think if you have actual damage, it could potentially do more harm than good. I have an appointment this Saturday, I will ask my Doc for his advice.

Thanks for the info, I may give it a shot. I still have a few more ART sessions, so i need to wait till those are done before I mess with supps. Will keep you posted.