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MAG-10 for Precontest??

How would you guys recommend I use MAG-10 during my contest prep…I am about 11 weeks out…thanks

I’d use it 1.5 or 2 servings per day, for the last 10 weeks, and be planning on Clomid,
or Tribex + Vitex, or Tribex + M usage for at least 4 weeks afterwards.

What is your opinion of a good pre-contest stack using biotest supps. I got the MAG-10 part covered. T2? MD6? Methoxy? How much? How Long? I’m using a modified version of the T-Dawg Diet.

If I were comfortable with the cost, I’d use them all at
label dose for precontest, since I’d
expect some extra benefit from each. If economizing seemed important, as it often does, I’m sure I’d keep the MD6. For
the natural trainer, I’d find it hard
to decide between the Methoxy-7 and the
T2-Pro, and might wind up using T2-Pro
in the first part of the prep and switch
to Methoxy-7 in the latter part, so
as to save money compared to using both
at the same time. But with the MAG-10,
Methoxy-7’s ability to help retain or
even add LBM while losing fat would
be less important, since MAG-10 is already
effective there, and the T2 Pro (or T2)
would be what I’d use throughout I think,
if I were only adding two components.

If I had the money to add only one, it would
be the MD-6.

Cost is not an issue. I’m stocked up on MAG-10(10 week supply 2 doses per day). I also stocked up on the old T2. Should I switch to T2 pro? I got enough MD6 to last throughout. I have three bottles of Methoxy-7 which would last 36 days. Should I wait til 36 day prior to contest time to start the Methoxy? Currently my show is 10 weeks out. I’m fairly lean already (6-7% bf) I want to get down to about 4% which usually is not a problem in the past even without Biotest Supps. I have not ever used Methoxy yet. I was wondering if it would really make that much more difference from a physique hardening standpoint? Thanks Bill

Wow, mag-10 for 10 weeks at two doses per day? Holy crap… Try this to help with keeping own Test. levels reasonable afterwards. Three weeks Mag-10 2 doses, next three weeks-Tribex & M with Methoxy then next four weeks- Mag 10 2 doses per day, md6, t2. the followed by Tribex and M again. Bill Im shocked you say 10 weeks with 2 doses a day. Im not questioning your knowledge or statement, but I am wondering why exactly? just trying to educate myself… by being curious, as I’m extremely interested in your approach.

Ever competed in a bodybuilding competition? The objective is to take diet, training, and supplementation to extreme levels. Bills suggestions for using Biotest Supps. do not even scratch the surface of the risks that guys on drugs take to be competetive. If your objective is to see striations in your glutes, cross striations in your lateralis, and visible vascularity throughout your entire physique without drugs, you have to do your homework.

Competing for a contest is a different situation than the athlete or “regular guy.”
There’s a need to peak for a particular day (also can be true for the competitive athlete, but more often the athlete has a season) and bodyfat is driven much lower than
otherwise is the case. And, a difference of
even a pound or two of muscle, or a pound or two of fat, can be critical. So the duration of use and the amount will be more than I’d usually recommend. With good recovery agents,
recovery of natural testosterone is generally fine after 10 weeks.

I may have misassumed, but from Myosin’s post
I was gathering that he was wanting to get everything possible out of MAG-10 in his contest prep (within realm of safety.)

As for whether the cycle I recommend is
ridiculous or absurd in cost, or anything
like that, well, for example a contest
prep of a gram per week of Primoteston,
which would require 50 mg/day Clomid,
and finasteride would be nice but we’ll
be cheap and ignore it, would cost about
$52 per week for the testosterone plus
another $7 for the Clomid, or about $59.
It would be entirely common for a stack
to cost at least twice this, since most
steroids are more expensive than testosterone,
but let’s keep it cheap.

MAG-10 averages $67 per week (buy two get one free) at 2 doses per day, or $50 per week at the 1.5 doses per day level which is probably as good in most cases. Or $33 per week at one dose per day, which actually for most users, at least for the first couple of cycles, will give excellent results as good as the higher doses. So MAG-10 is not an unreasonably pricey approach.

Myosin, I’d use the original T2 in preference to T2 Pro, working up to 3 capsules per day and, towards the end, trying sneaking somewhat but not drastically past that (I wouldn’t go past 5.) I’d be doing this only because of the contest – in general I would not recommend going past three. I wouldn’t use Methoxy-7 throughout, but only in the last few weeks. I don’t know if it would be of value considering the MAG-10 use, but it might. Most likely it would be of some additional value because it does work by a different means than the MAG-10 does.

T2 Pro would be good to use however after
the contest, switching away from T2, to
speed the process of natural thyroid production coming back up again after having
been depressed during the contest prep.

Bill, I completely see and understand your point. Which brings me to a conclusion about bodybuilding. It should not be taken for granted and holy shit those guys have MAD DISCIPLINE!!!