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MAG-10 for ME?

It seems to be generally agreed MAG-10 shouldn’t be used until you’ve reached at least your mid 20’s. From what I’ve gathered this is due to the fact the body hasn’t finished grow on it’s on until this point.

Here’s the question… am I an exception?

I’ve been 6’4 since I was 14. I’m currently 21 and haven’t grown a lick since then.

Before 3 weeks ago (just started bulking) my weight had been the same since probably 15.

I started shaving when I was 12, chest hair by 13 (aren’t I an unlucky bastard?)

I’m pretty confident my hormones have been settled for quite some time now and my growth potential has been achieved.

So am I an exception?

Well, I guess if you’re okay with your height that’s not an issue.

The real question is whether you know how to gain mass naturally. Don’t do drugs until you’ve gained all you can naturally.

As warhorse stated, The other reason for the mid 20’s recomendation is that hopefully by this point the trainee who is looking to use assistance has a good deal of training under their belt.

That includes not only years of lifting but also, having diet dialed in, optimal rest and recovery, just simply knowing how to make gains with no help.

If you dont have everything in line then no need to waste your time. You will still experience gains, but you could get the same by optimizing nutrition, rest, training, etc. if you haven’t yet.

If all of that has been in line for several years then go for it. Just remember that many people do stall out on growth and then experince yet another spurt of growth in their 20’s. No telling.


I’d hold off on the Mag-10 for a bit longer. Even though you started growing earlier (shaving at 12…good lord!), you may not be done yet. I’ve heard some stories of people getting growth spurts in their 20’s. Also, you may look fully grown outside, but internally you may not be. I’ve read that the body grows and bones harden until age 25 (from encarta if you must know). But, it’s your decision man. Do what you want.

It def is your decision and Im only 20 myself, but few Ive talked to alot of people my age using pro-hormones or steroids and havent had any problems…but as stated above, theres a decent amount who think they can pop a pill and get big cause thier “cheating”…they dont have a smart diet or program going, or any gains with or without the help, I dont see why anyone would call it cheating, sure u can put on more mass but u work twice as hard when your on a cycle, sorry got a lil off topic, but even if your not at your genitic limits for muscle, youll just get there faster…and the main reason I decided to take Mag-10 already, its legal…who knows for how much longer so if u dont do it now u might have to cross over to “the dark side” in the future. Just so everyone knows, I have nothing against steroids, but Im taking the legal path cause Im heading for police academy soon so its def in my best interest, anywy…thats just my opinion and Im sure alot of people might not agree.