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Mag-10 for longer than two weeks

I’ve noticed some discussion of taking Mag-10 for more than two weeks straight. I was under the impression that the A-1-EC would cause suppression. If one were to stay on Mag-10 longer than the suggested 2 week protocol. How would he get around the suppression issue. What would the possible side effects be? What would the ancilary supplement (Tribex, M) dosing protocol be?

This is a very good question. I’m about to start a cycle of mag-10 and was told to take it for eight weeks straight then take tribex for four weeks, of course I don’t know if there would be any side effects or not but if anybody know’s, I would like to know and also if this taking it this way has a better benefit (better results)?

It’s true, Mag-10 for longer than 2 weeks results in suppression. Last year I (stupidly) took Mag-10 for a 4 week cycle and experienced first hand. I really love Mag-10 and all, but the pitiful hormonal environment post cycle just wasn’t worth it for the amount of time I spent ‘on’. My suggestion is that if you’re going to do a cycle for longer than two weeks, you might as well go for a full 8+ cycle and make it really worthwhile, then deal with the suppression best you can (Clomid preferably, or else both Tribex and Vitex at slightly above label rec’s).

Using Tribex + M, or Tribex + Vitex (e.g. the Solaray brand, 400 mg once per day) for 2-4 weeks, more preferably four weeks, immediately on ending the MAG-10 use would be fine.

So Bill does your recomendation work for long cycles, for ex. if I take mag-10 for 8 weeks and then tribex+M for 4 weeks?