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Mag-10 for little guy...

hey fellows, been reading a lot about mag-10 and results. I basically know everything about it now… but it seems that Im the only one whose 5’7’’ and about 160lbs. though I have some muscle except on the bi’s and tri’s been away from weight lifting for about a month. So, with the info Ive gathered I plan on doing “great arms” workout on Mondays skipping the second day so I can go alittle over maintance for the other body parts on the other days specially my shoulders and abbs. Diet will be kept at about 180-200 g. pro. 250-350 g. carbs, and 60 g. fat. I would like to get outstanding results from this, so Im debating on taking two doses of Mag-10 a day for 2 weeks followed by three weeks M and Tribex. So, considering my size and weight do you guys think this is way too much or since Im small that the two doses will actually help out great? From others results the two dose a day protocol seems to workout better than the other protocols. If anyone can provide me with help to cure my curiosity and increase my confidence please do not hold back and reply.

First of all, you’re 5’7", 160lbs and you’re coming back from a layoff, correct? What’s your bodyfat %? You might want to lean out first and get re-acclimated to weights before you do a routine with as much volume as the Growth Surge Project. John Berardi even said in “A for C” that you should lean out then bulk up. But if you decide to do this then let’s talk diet. What you proposed is at the highest around 2700 calories. Now I weigh 10lbs more than you and that is below my maintenance level, if I was doing Growth Surge I’d bump it up to 3500-4000cal/day. So that would be more like 275-300g prot, 350-400g carb, and 100-120g fat. Also, and I could be wrong, but since you don’t seem very advanced, I’d stick with one-a-day dosing with a two dose front load and stick with the training program as is. For all the money and effort it takes to do this whole thing right, I’d want my whole body to get bigger and not prioritize one body part. Besides, you can try that new arm routine out after your cycle. Let us know what you decide and don’t forget to incorporate the principles from Charles Staley’s new article, the theory could be applied to almost any hypertrophy program.

Definately bump up your protien, carbs, and fat, especially if you start taking mag 10!

I’m 5’10 160 and your protein is way to lo along with your total calories. I woud also wait a month or s and lifthardbeforeistart the mag-10, let your body get back in the swing of things.

Im not a newbie to the weightlifting craze… I just simply been taking it easy in the gym for like 3 months (three days a week lifting) but for the past month sometimes its even been 1 day. My bf% is about 7 or maybe 8 but not high 8 at the highest. Im gifted with high amounts of Test. and a high metabolism. I plan on starting this in a month. I would really like this to focus on my arms though they are just unproportioned when comparing with my chest back and legs.

I don’t know about this Great Guns idea for MAG 10? You are 160lbs. I would focus this tool for whole body poundage to add. Your arms can’t look that small compared to the rest of your body. At 160lbs. you ARE small. Over the next couple of years see what you can do to add another 30-40lbs…

I don’t think there’s an issue at all with
your size with respect to MAG-10 dosing.
There might be (not even data to say, but
it’s plausible) if you were 95 lb or something,
but at 160, no, that’s well within the
expected range for MAG-10 users. Also,
comparing to anabolic steroid dosing,
anabolic steroid dosing does not seem
very bodyweight dependent. I know one would
expect it probably would be, but, the
dose/response relationship seems about
the same, or perhaps actually the same,
regardless of weight, within the range
of bodyweights commonly seen.

Hey, just lettin’ you know im also 5’7, 160 lbs. I don’t let it stop me though–my best lifts are a 300 bench, 415 deadlift, and 435 squat at the ripe young age of 16. I’m also interested in this topic since I want to take Mag 10 around 18 or 19, once I’ve finished growing. Dunno if I’ll get flamed for my puny lifts or not, but considering my age and weight they ain’t bad. TRAIN HARD

Adema those results are really good for a 16 year old… Im 21 years old and my stats about three months ago after maxing out were: Bench 335, squat 455, power clean 270, I did not max out on deadlift, I hardly ever do it, I do glute ham raises instead. The reason I wanna go with the mag-10 and heavy doses is that I want my arms bigger but don’t wanna spend too much time in hypertrophy training, or eating massive amounts a day. I just figuered take the mag-10 heavily followed by 3 weeks of tri. and M and that should give me the added muscle on the guns that I desire in that short amount of time. So…

I recall an earlier thread that said taking mag-10 before growing stops can actually help increase growing. Would there be any negative effects of taking mag-10 at 16?

Jack, while androgen use in adult men is
well understood, use in those not yet physically completely mature is not. It’s entirely possible there are adverse effects that we just don’t know about, because it never
really has been looked at properly.

Also, I would not at all assume MAG-10 will increase height in those under age 18. Estrogen levels don’t decrease, and quite possibly that’s the mechanism by which final height increase was seen where it has been seen, e.g. in use of oxandrolone in young girls with Turner’s Syndrome.

Bill, what is your position on people around the age of 16? Do you think it should be only used by fully mature adults, and people who aren’t fully developed take protein, creatine, and stuff like that?

Your opinion helps, Thanks

No, I think not. Chances are, there aren’t
long term adverse effects down the road
(that’s just an opinion which could be
wrong) from a brief usage of androgens
at say age 16. However, one problem with
that is that, after the initial great
success, use does not tend to be brief!
It tends to continue. And there, I wouldn’t
be surprised if there’s a long term effect
of some kind, as development is occurring
under different influences than normal.

More importantly, at age 16 one ought to
be able to do very well in the gym without
androgens. Not because of any unusually
high testosterone levels at that age,
as that is not the case, but simply as
an advantage of youth that does exist.

Adding in androgen on top of that then
just converts it to a situation where
even poor training will give good results.

It can very easily, and very often does,
lead to a situation where someone feels they
cannot gain except while on androgens. They don’t even TRY to, because they feel they need the androgens to gain.

Now, someone who has been training for years
and has learned how to train naturally – has tried a lot of things, some of which worked and some of which failed, which they learned from, and all this time, their bodies were giving an “honest answer” to the training and nutrition, rather than the deceptive answer
that could be given when androgens are present (bad training giving good results)… well, this person can use androgens occassionally and enjoy the excellent results, while still knowing he can do well in the gym in his off weeks, which should, for the sake of health, be the majority of the time.