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Mag-10 for high school football player...

I’m a 6’3", 175 lb FS/WR, 17 years old, Junior in high school. I’m already planning for this offseason, Renegade training will be my program, now I’m looking into supplements. I came across Mag-10 and some of the other Biotest supplements, which ones would y’all recommend for me? I’m looking for some mass gain, I’m attempting to weigh 200-205 by the time next season’s kickoff rolls around, so I have about 9 months.

What would be the risks/benefits of taking Mag-10, what should I take with it, and if you think I shouldn’t take it, what would you suggest instead?

Im 21 and took Mag-10 in January. I took the first two weeks of it while eating over 5,000 calories a day followed my two weeks of tribex. I gained 17 pounds in the four weeks. The second bottle of Mag I took didnt do shit. The first bottle was great

Adding size just for the sake of adding size is going to do little to enhance your game. Work on improving your speed, acceleration, and power. You can do this by improving your overall strength(which the renegade program will do) and you will gain size if you train and eat correctly (At your height and age you’re probably not going to grow unless you eat a minimum of 6 big meals or shakes per day). Mag 10 could help add some weight but also could have a negative effect on your hormone levels down the road. It’s probably not necessary anyway for you to get where you want to go. Hell, you’d probably add 10 lbs during that time span even if you didnt lift a weight just on account of your age and the fact that you’re probably still growing and/or filling out.

I suggest you try first to follow a strict eating plan, emphasizing clean foods and plenty of calories to fuel your workouts. As far as supplements go the only ones you will need are a blended protein (casein/whey/milk) such as Biotest’s Low Carb Grow and a post-workout shake such as Surge. If you are already doing this and have been for months then you might give Tribex a try. Combined with hard work and grueling Renegade sessions, you should add a good 15 lbs. of weight while becoming faster, stronger, quicker, and more athletic. That is certainly better for your sport than being a slow 205 lb. receiver.

Agree with Kelly. Forget about the MAG-10 for the moment and concentrate on FOOD. Start to keep a food log every day and once you’ve figured out how many calories you eat on average per day, up that by … hmmm, let’s see…

30 pounds over 9 months. That’s 10 pounds a month or about 2.5 pounds a week. Since a pound is about 3500 calories, that’s about 8750 extra cals/week, or an extra 1250 cals per day. Think you can eat that much, every day, for nine months? That’s what it’s gonna take, supps or no supps. The energy won’t just magically appear from the MAG-10 (or anything else) if you don’t have the basic building blocks in your diet.

Now you have the tools to do what you need to do naturally. Good luck!