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Mag 10 for Cutting

Have you tried it yet?

I’m considering using “the destroyer” for a 2 week cutting phase. Has anyone used Mag 10 in the past for cutting? How well did it work for you?
Any tips or information as far as:

Diet and macronutrient breakdown

Training routine/frequency used

Cardio type performed, time and frequency

Thanks to all responders.

Well 2 weeks till spring break and I am going to do the same thing, so I’ll keep you posted on my progress

I don’t know if Joel cares if I say this, but he wrote a bad-ass article on EDT/Cheater’s Diet while on Mag-10, where the subjects increased LBM while losing fat on Mag-10 and 8*LBM calories. Maybe hit up Joel’s e-mail, and he’ll hook you up with an advanced copy of the article.

A couple of suggestions for cutting with Mag-10:

  1. Diet: would be 8 times LBM with half that from protein. Low carb it. (Make your PW drink the only main carb source, all others from incidentals)
  2. Training: do EDT twic a week (as per Joel recomends) or my own personal rec is to do Chad Waterbury’s NB3 program.
  3. Cardio: Do HIIT sessions 3/4 days per week. Do 45 minutes of cardio twice per week, on the morning after your refeeds.
  4. Check out the thread Refeed HQ for good references on how to go about refeeding.

Actually John Roman and I were discussing this last night and he is a big supporter of Mag 10 for cutting.
reasons being that you can drop cals severly low if you want. Recovery is great and you may actually gain some LBM.
I am going to start this in about 2 weeks so I’ll keep you guys posted on progress as well.
:slight_smile: Groove

I disagree…Everytime I used Mag-10 for cutting, it just seemed like a waste to me. I’ve held on or lossed the same amout of LBM weather on it or off it. Same thing w/ Androsol and Finasol. I think they work SO MUCH BETTER for mass. Try it, maybe it will work better for you than it did for me…but in the future I will only use it for my bulking cycles…

Great help there guys. Thanks a bunch!

Brent: I am figuring that your recommendations are from your own personal experience, right?

Anyone else out there has any success with the mag 10 cutting?

John Devito: What is your maintenance intake and how far below maintenance while dieting on Mag?


It’s not a stimulant, so it’s not going to work like MD6, etc. What it will do is allow you to drastically lower your caloric intake to achieve rapid fat loss while not compromising your LBM. It’s the opposite of a Mag bulking cycle. When bulking on Mag, you gain mass much quicker than you could without the compound. While cutting on Mag, you lose fat much faster that you could without the compound. Yes, you could do this without Mag, but you’d lose a great deal of lean body mass due to the extremely low caloric intake.

Body IQ: Those are pretty much suggestions out of Joel’s article. Here are my suggestions, from observation and my own personal experience.

1> Diet: I would suggest 10 times lbm for your everyday calories. I would also suggest two eight hour refeeds per week, so be evenly spaced through the week, and not to follow your weight training session (following an HIIT session is okay).

  1. Lifting: I would go with either a 5x5 program (I like to split that up into a three day split, but a four or two day split can also be effective) or Chad’s NB3 program. Now I haven’t tried the NB3 program, and it seems like the volume might be a bit too low, but I respect the hell out of Chad, and if he says it’s good for cutting, I say it’s good for cutting and Mag-10 can only help it.

  2. Cardio: My personal pref. is to do HIIT in the morning, on an empty stomach (with BCAA’s anf glutamine taken right before the session). So, I would do a 45 minute cardio session the morning after your refeed @ 70% MHR, and on the other mornings, I would do HIIT. Christian’s 400 m sprint program is a definite winner, and hard as hell. Since it’s only two weeks, I wouldn’t take any days off. Also, if you want to throw in an HIIT session in the afternoon of days where you do the 45 minute session, that would be okay (but I actually don’t do that).

I think I covered it all. Just post up if you have any other questions I can help you with.