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Mag-10 for bulking or cutting?

I will be ending a bulking cycle in about 3 weeks and begining a 6-week cutting cycle using meltdown training and the fat to fire program. I am planning to to use one bottle of Mag-10 (money is tight) and am wondering of it would better suit me to use it for the end of the bulking cycle or use it during the cutting cycle? Also, if i am doing 3 weeks each or the weight loss programs, does it matter which one comes first?

It would depend a lot on where you are.

If you’re already reasonably lean and are
going for those last few pounds (aiming
for 5% bf let’s say), LBM loss
tends to be pretty bad without added androgen,
and muscle gain tends to be excellent for
the first couple of weeks of a bulking
cycle after that anyway. In that situation,
it would be a toss-up in terms of net LBM
results. Using the MAG-10 during dieting
would achieve a better peak dieted condition

However, if you’re talking about reducing
to say 10% bf or for most individuals say 8%, then the MAG-10, if it can be used only one time, would better be saved for the bulking phase.