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mag-10 for beginners

What the hell, I’m bored so let’s take it there.

Striker wrote on 2002-06-17 21:26:11:
“Well as someone who’s had to take long breaks from training over the years, (taking one right now), “

Why is someone who is willing to work so hard and has the drive to push themselves to the limit in their training along with making time for their workouts by adjusting their lifestyle towards that goal taking so much time off from weight lifting and training? Sounds a little odd coming from someone as motivated as you are to work hard.


Professor X are you a masochist? You have nothing here. But if you want to look even more like an ASS (for making ASSumptions throughout this whole thread).

Here are my “breaks”:

  1. Lower back injury (twice)
  2. Broken arm
  3. Torn abdominal

Your whole problem is that you ASSume too much. If you’re that desparate, I’ll be more than happy to help watch you dig some more.

So not only are you irritating, you are clumsy? I don’t log into this forum to fight with people. You began the insults and I am ending it here. Anything else you have to say falls on deaf ears.

Striker, I just read your previous post about me looking like a target. Do a search on my name. I am not new here as some may be able to tell you. Who is ASSuming now?

Well I’m no guy. And I haven’t used MAG-10. I just like reading these threads here so that I can learn a little about this product.

However, I agree with those on this thread that are saying that this newbie should learn about nutrition, eat good foods, and just train for awhile BEFORE he starts considering supplementation. I'm going to direct you all to Chris Shugart's article, The Heirarchy of Needs. Which explains, beautifully the need for solid nutrition and proper training FIRST. Supplements last.

I've been training for almost 20-years now - and just this past year begain taking Creatine. Before that the strongest supp I took was a Multi-Vitamin/Mineral and Vitamin C. Have made some really good gains by just following a nutritious diet and smart training.

This guy should forego Mag-10 and eat food. Has he tried that yet?

Of course he hasn’t. If he had, he’d have discovered what the rest of us who’ve tried it have discovered: that he can make good gains with food and education.

But of course, that would take time and effort.

I’ll go out on a limb here and make a bet that we won’t hear from Nachos ever again. Not because he’s been shamed into retreat, but for the simple reason that he’s gotten bored with following this thread. How 'bout it, Nachos? You still out there? If so, how about logging in with a comment or two…?

Wow, touchy subject, huh guys?
Anyway, here’s my humble opinion. Worry more about working HARD and eating BIG. You really don’t need any supplements. Look at the old guys like Eugene Sandow. They didn’t have mag-10 and GROW. Not to say that these things, especially protien powders arent helpfull.

knodding head agreed.

Oh, and Nachos: why don't you come back to this thread, and tell us what you've learned?

I do not respond very often to these posts; in this case it amazes me how individuals egos become the centre of discussion. It reminds me of a group of 5 year olds. nachos asked a valid question. Maybe in his/her ignorance nachos assumed the best way to quick gains was Mag 10, and throughout this thread the information this person needs is scattered here and there. I think as a group of mature lifters, regardless of your age, and no matter how much it insults your intelligence, you either need to share the basics or shut your mouth! This forum is a tool to help those individuals who need help, whether that need rises from inexpierance or misinformation. Patricia gave some great advise, nacho take that and run with it. Stop bieng lazy, and research what your nutritional requirements are. The resourses available are limited only by your own thirst for knowledge!
As far as the Professor goes, he made some great points, he just needs to reliaze that everyone starts somewhere, and some of these “newbies” need a little gentler kick in the britches than he gave. Just my 2 cents worth!

I’m sorry everybody.

"Here are my “breaks”: 1) Lower back injury (twice) 2) Broken arm 3) Torn abdominal " maybe, just MAYBE you should THINK about how you train.
I agree with the professor on most issues on this thread. I have NEVER met anyone that I thought reached their genetic potential. but I also don’t give a crap if a newbie wants to use juice, GH, pro-hormones, pro-steroids, etc… DO WHAT YOU WANT. if some putz that never lifted a wt, before wants to get in shape and can get his hands on deca, sust, etc… why should he not use them? is it “safer” if you have been working out longer? NO NO NO NO!!!

Ah rev, I know this is hard to believe outside of your world where all you do is train, eat, sleep, and read testosterone magazine all day, but you’re assuming all of those injuries occured by being in the gym, and that’s not even close the case.

Thanks again for being another ASS and assuming without checking all the facts first. But maybe, just MAYBE that’s beyond your capabilities! hahahaha