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MAG-10 for 3 weeks?

I will be trying MAG-10 for the 1st time in a couple weeks.
Christian T. from Lair of the ice dog suggested I use MAG-10 for 3 weeks.
Is this ok? If I decide to use it for 3 weeks, I’ll only use one cap full a day for 3 weeks.

Anything I should worry about when taking MAG-10 for 3 weeks? And, yes I have read the FAQ on MAG-10. I would like to hear from people who have experiance with this product for 3 weeks on.

I will also not be using anything after the MAG-10. example: no Tribex or M.

Thanks in advance t- buddies

I’m curious as to why (since you’ve read everything) you’d choose to try MAG-10 for a period of time longer than that recommended and yet NOT use Tribex and/or M to come off? Seems kind of silly.

If money is an issue, then my advice is to wait for another month or two until you get enough to buy the Tribex/M. Another month won’t kill you, and it may help you to avoid what could be a very serious problem.

Word up.

I had a friend who went over the limit. Took Mag-10 for 15 days.

He died.


(Then again, taking Tribex&M would’ve probably saved his life, since he was going over the recommended usage period.)

what are you going to do with the other half of you 2nd bottle of Mag-10?
You could do double doses every 3rd day maybe…

Or do 2x 2 week cycles which i think would be a better alternative with a 3-4 week break (if no trib+M post cycle).

(or do shots of it on sat nite, tastes just like “Ice 101” shots. Yum Yum!)

I was on for 3 weeks at a double dose (18ml daily); had no problems with recovery.