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Mag 10 for 20 year old football player

Hey guys, I have heard of resaults from mag 10 and tribex together. Im a offensive lineman (6’4", 15 well… right now about 17% body fat) im
at 278lbs right now and im looking to get to 300 and maintain 15 percent or less body fat and also make gains in mass and strength this off season. What is right for me? heavy protein diet along with the mag 10 and tribex? Ive only taken eas protein so im new to supplements, thanks for your help!

What is your diet and training like?

Being that you are now early in the offseason, you can hit 300 at 15% by next august with proper diet and training alone.

If your strength coach gives you some independence in designing your training program, I would look toward Westide Barbell training.

How much protein are you taking in? How are you going about losing bodyfat and retaining muscle?

Definitely look into interval sprinting to take off excess bodyfat and to minimize fat gain when bulking.

Let us know whats up.

Thanks for the help and sorry for the slow reply, we beat pitt. state sat. to advance in playoffs.
Diet is 2 large meals a day and i have added a protein shake after my lifts. Were still in season lifting but in a couple weeks we will be doing a 4 day heavy power lifting and 3 days condition a week. I know i need to get my protein in my diet becuase i cant be much over a half gram per lb of my body weight. I plan on adding a minimum of 2 shakes before and after lifting and a mesotech in the morning.
Last winter i burned myself up… i was only gettin maybe a quarter of my needed protein, no supplements, i started at 290 and endned up winter weights at 276 but i was way stronger and lost much body fat.
Im in competition for a starting spot next year and i need some help. thanks a mil!

holy shit man, i dont even want to calculate how many kcal you should be eating each day to make those goals! i know when i was training that much (4 days lifting 3 days conditioning) i had to be pushing 5000+kcal/day (250-300gms prot.,600-750gmscarbs,100-200gms fat daily) to get my bodyweight up from 195-208 in about 4 months. maintaining that same diet and training routine kept me right around 208lbs at 8-10% bodyfat. (i would have had to backed of on conditioning or started eating even more to gain more weight). i dont have any personal experience with mag10 but im guessing it aint gonna give you a whole lot without a well thought out nutrition plan. and “2 big meals a day” along with a couple of protein shakes is not going to cut it, i guarantee you this…
at 15% body fat with your height and weight (im assuming your assesment is accurate) a few more pounds of fat arent going to hurt you any, as long as your gaining plenty of muscle along with the little bit of fat. your 2 big meals a day arent really condusive to building lean body mass. im sure some other people will chime in here but your basically going to have to take the bull by the horns and do this on your own (surprise). start getting some decent post workout nutrition, increasing your daily calories, increasing protein intake and doing some research on nutrition. i would suggest checking out the “dont diet” and “massive eating” articles.
you can definitely make your goals , your just going to have to up the anti a bit.

good luck,
ryan b.