mag-10 following 4-ad

Is it safe to take mag-10 after 4-ad without any time in between? I have been taking 4-ad for 2-weeks and would like to start mag-10 soon as i am leaning out and want to prevent LBM loss due to the low calories.

also, i have read on the forum that it would be okay to do 8-weeks straight with mag-10 and follow it with something like tribex and m.


You need to take the time off after the 4-AD. I would also not go for 8 weeks in a row with Mag-10. Biotest says at least two weeks off after two weeks on. Some have gone three or more, but those who’ve gone 6 or more weeks on Mag-10 have come off with the drug Clomid. People have done long cycles of 4-AD-EC, but you can’t do that with Mag-10.

And although there’s debate here, Bill Roberts, who invented Mag-10, says you’ll get better gains in multiple 2 week on / 2 week off cycles rather than 6 weeks on straight.

Sounds like your main goal is fat loss without muscle loss. Hot-Rox will do that. Check out the old Hot-Rox contest threads and interviews with the winners at t-mag. Save the Mag-10 and other prohormones for bulking and strength stages.