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MAG-10 Expiration Date


I was wondering if anyone has conrete information on how long MAG-10 can last while frozen. I've read that it actually stays good longer than the life cycle on the box and that by freezing it one can extend that even more.

I ask because right now I'm not interested in taking any (only 19) but that can possibly change in three or four years and was wondering if it would be feasible to try freezing some MAG-10 and waiting.

Also, at the current prices ($150 on ebay) would you guys say it's even worth looking into MAG-10 anymore? I can get about 7 tubs of Surge for that.


You are 19, you don't need it. Spend your money on protein like Grow! and your time in the Gym.
BTW $150 is way too much.


Actually I wasn't planning on using any supps now but was thinking about three or four years into the future. I was wondering if something like MAG-10 will still be good come 2010.

But as you say, $150 is too much anyway even if it will last. Thanks.


A year or so in the freezer would be OK, but that stuff is already at least 18 months old.


Gotcha, I hadn't been sure how long freezing actually increased its shelf-life and had been hoping it would do so by a very large factor. I'll nix the MAG-10 idea. Thanks for the info.