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mag-10 expectations

Hey t-dudes, I am 180 13 percent body fat, should
be down to, 170 around 6 percent for summer, when I start my Mag-10 cycle gonna do 12 weeks 2 on 2 off, what kinda gains can i expect if I do the whole eating thing right 4750 during the mag-10 cycle and 2300 during the off weeks while using M and tribex-500 as reccomended, could i get up to 185-190 at 4-7 percent, in 3 months?

That depends; you never said anything about actually training or sleeping!

All jokes aside, though, 2300 seems VERY low for off week at your weight. It’s incredibly important to eat maintenance on the between weeks and to not overdo the cardio, lest you jeopardize your gains. I wouldn’t plan to finishing all these cycles at a lower BF% than when you started unless you’re planning to devote one or more of them to cutting. Do a search for all 3 “Mag-10 Support Group” threads and you’ll find plenty of good info. In general though, it’s tough to say exactly how much you’ll gain because there are a ton of factors to take into account (genes, intensity, history of training, food choices, etc.). I do remember Bill saying that the average gains were roughly 3 lbs. + (.5 x day). In other words, a two week cycle would yield 10 lbs (3 + [.5 x 14 days]). Obviously, gains might not be as dramatic as you come closer to your genetic limit in later cycles, so I think a 20 lb. gain would be fantastic. Good luck, and keep us posted!

Speaking of genetics, how can i determine mine, is there any factors i can look at to figure it out, I am 6 foot have only been weightlifting for about 3 months, I seem to put on muscle pretty easy but i dont really have anyone to compare it to? any ideas, oh ya, Ill be working out during the mag-10 cycle heheh, not sure what ill use yet, maybe the groth surge project, but how important is sleep, i am not sure how much ill be getting after all its summer and want to have some fun is 7hrs a night enough?

On second thought, you have a lot to learn before you even think of using Mag-10. Three months of training? Is sleep important? I don’t even want to ask what your diet is like. Read every article on this site starting with the first issue, put it into good practice, and then think about using Mag-10.