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Mag-10 Evening Only?

I’ve got some Mag-10 and some finasol. I REALLY like the finasol a lot for bulking but I’ve had some transfer onto my girlfriend at in bed at night. This is unacceptable. Would the following be an option for my next bulking cycle: Apply finasol in the morning, shower it off in the evening, then take an evening dose of Mag-10 and then hop into bed. Would these two supplements work cooperatively on this schedule or would I be getting only 1/2 the benefits (or less) from each? I’m typically 2 doses per day of Mag-10 OR 2 does of 70 finasol sprays per day. What do you think? Thanks!

Interesting question…

I’d imagine it would be better to stick with one protocol.

You could do this.

I personally like trenbolone a good deal,
so this approach, or trenbolone acetate
alone (no 4-AD, just dissolved into near-100%
alcohol if applied topically) plus 4-AD-EC
could be an excellent solution. You could
switch to MAG-10 for the evenings if you
liked, or could stick with the TA/4-AD
stack throughout. It would be a question
of preference and availability.