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MAG-10 Ends Monday!

I just got off the phone with Tim Patterson. He dropped two big bombs -

  1. The FDA has already started seizing the raw material to make prohormones. At this very moment there are shipments getting popped at the border. Looks like we called it right: “andro” is over.

  2. Then he tells me to kill the MAG-10 deal (the huge bottles at half price) right NOW. I told him that we re-ran the “End of MAG-10” article in the update so that would be unfair to you guys, especially the ones who didn’t catch it last week.

He said there wasn’t enough MAG-10 left to go past Monday at the rate they’re selling it. So I asked, why end the deal today then? Here’s the scoop: Tim has promised our contributors a few bottles. (Hopefully that means me too!) Well, those big shelves at our fancy climate controlled warehouse are about empty. There’s like one shelf left with some MAG-10 on it. Tim wants it for himself and the staff.

I think there’s just enough to get the staff some for backstock and to keep the deal going a day or two more. For some strange reason, Tim listened to me. So here’s his decision:

The MAG-10 Limited Edition deal ends Monday 6PM mountain time. Period. If there’s any left, it goes to the T-staff and into Tim’s freezer.

So that’s the deadline: Monday at 6PM. MAG-10 will be removed from the store and the article we ran this week will be yanked. If you haven’t gotten a couple of bottles yet, you now know when D-Day is.

Here’s the link: <a href="http://tstore.biotestedge.com/index.jsp"target=“new”>MAG-10 Final Deal.

(Save me at least one, dammit!)

Just wish I’d had the shekels available to grab at least one bottle of mega-Mag-10. Didn’t get to share in the Final Deal itself, but it was kind of cool to be there at the end of an era and watch how it all went down. Sad, but fascinating. This is all part of history now. I feel sorry for all those guys that join T-Nation in the future, read back issues/threads with references to Mag-10, and discover they will never be able to take advantage of it.

Guess there’s nothing left now but to look to the future. Hey, Biotest! Get crackin’, eh?