Mag-10 Elite Recovery

The instructions say to take 1 hour after your workout. I’ve been taking a Metabolic Drive shake when I get home from my workout. (about 20 minuets)

So why I need to wait 1 hour after my workout? Should I take my Metabolic Drive shake and then wait 1 hour to take my Mag-10 Elite Recovery or should I just take my Mag-10 Elite Recovery shake when I get home from the workout?

What does your workout nutrition look like? If you’re having something like Surge Workout Fuel during your training, you want to wait a little bit again before you send the signal to jack up protein synthesis again.

I like to use Mag-10 45 minutes to an hour after my workout. You could have your Mag-10 during that window, and then a solid meal or Metabolic Drive shake an hour or so later.

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Thanks Matthew!

That makes perfect sense. I am using Surge Workout Fuel so I will wait 45 to 60 minutes after my workout to take my Mag-10.

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You’re welcome!

Keep us updated on how your recovery and progress go.