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Mag-10 Effects on Liver and Prostate

What effects, if any, could Mag-10 have on my liver or prostate? Can it cause benign prostate enlargement? I ask because my wifey is nevous about me using it unless I can prove that it’s much safer than real oral steroids. I think it will be ok, but dammit, I love her and want to reassure her. If Bill Roberts could reply to this it would be awesome.


If you have a problem already MAG-10 could
exacerbate it. I’m not aware of evidence
that above-normal levels of androgens cause
it to happen faster in the first place than
it would with only normal levels, but neither am I aware of evidence that it doesn’t.

What I’ve seen in myself and have very many
reports on is that while actually on androgens,
one can get at least the impression (perhaps the actuality) of prostate enlargement while actually on-cycle, namely, slower urination,
the effect completely disappears rapidly on cessation of the cycle.

And as for liver, no adverse effect.

You may see an elevation in some liver enzymes but this does not show damage,
merely upregulation of the enzymes which
is normal with androgens.

i am gonna have to say yes on watching out for prostate hypertrophy but not because its oral… Dht…

Dman, what do you mean by “Dht…”?

MAG-10 neither contains DHT, nor any substance
that directly converts to DHT, nor would I at all expect DHT levels to rise while using MAG-10.

i was pretty sure that so called “1-test” converted into dht somewhere down the line, but i could have mixed this up with some different prohormones, although both dht and 1test are very androgenic and hard on the hairline…

Dman, what’s your evidence that the substance
you call “1-test” is “hard on the hairline?” Or that it yields significant DHT? If you have any I’d certainly be interested to know but to the best of my knowledge it’s not so and that there is no evidence for it either.

yea i checked up on the Dht thing, i goofed. As far as hard on the hairline, i pulled this off of par deus and your fav. pat arnold posts on other boards.

Pat Arnold may be a decently smart guy, but I wouldn’t trust that guy to mow my yard. (Of course, he would never get around to it - he would just tell everyone why its not possible and that anyone who said they could is lying.) I’ve never understood why lifters treat this guy as an idol.

Also, there is a personal bias with regards to any adverse comments by “Par Deus” regarding MAG-10. He makes a significant fraction of his income by selling GVL as a dietary supplement, (I asked an associate to obtain the GVL for me to test for this purpose, which then was a new use invention, but he unwisely asked “Par Deus” to source it, which was like giving the fox money to go shopping for chickens for you) and there are those people whose character is such that they bite the hand that fed them.

It’s a similar story with the other individual mentioned and “Androspray.”

It’s a shame, but some people are that way.

Anyway, point being, it would be better to stick to actual observations on nutritional supplements, and any scientific data there may be, rather than rely much on comments by those
heading other companies, let alone such company heads that also have a particular bias.