MAG-10 Effectiveness

Question for you MAG-10 users out there!

I have been lifting, off and on, for 10+ years. Injuries have kept me out for long periods of time, but I’ve been back in for a little of a year now. Since I’ve been back, I’ve reached my limit as far as size is concerned. That being said, I picked up a bottle of MAG-10, and have been using it for 5 days now. I will admit that my weight began increasing almost immediately! More precisely, I have put on a little over 5 pounds in just 5 days. My workouts have been more intense than ever before. My drive has skyrocketed to say the least. I am more impressed with the fact that I haven’t had to adjust my diet as much as suggested. My protein intake has doubled, but my caloric intake has stayed at it’s current level. I am curious to hear other comments as some might have.

Hi! good gains there mate ! how many times a day do you take MAG-10 ? and have you noticed any other things like increased sexdrive or agressivness ?, i am thinking about doing a 4 week cycle…