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So I see some MAG-10 on ebay and make a bid. Later I am contacted by someone with some old MAG-10, andro and other stuff...This couldn't be a set up could it? I mean why do it with the prohormones, isn't the gov's focus real steriods? any opinions, or expiriences?


I would think there's a better chance of it being a set up by someone to take your money rather than a set up from the govt.


I wouldn't worry. I plan on doing the same thing with my Superdrol stockpile when it's day comes.


Right before the prohormone ban I unloaded some Mag10 on ebay but before the ban date came they knocked my auctions off (violation: sale of controlled substance) I tried several times until they gave me the final warning. I don't see how they are getting away with it unless it's the GNC Mag10 variation.


I have two bottles for sale if anyone wants them. PM me for more info and I am sure we can work something out.


Has Superdrol become illegal yet???


It's possible they only do a one day auction or three day auction and it ends before it is caught.

Just a guess, though.


Yes superdrol is illegal


I still have a fresh bottle available if anyone is interested?


Yes but cant you get in trouble for selling it ?


i bought m1t off ebay 2 months ago...you can post it but normally admins get rid of the auction before you see it. i jsut got real lucky 5 mins after i bought it they told me the auction was canceled but by then i already sent to person my money. so i guess i had good luck.


Its a scam. People do it all the time. They take your login in name and contact you. Report it to Ebay.


how is it a scam they are trying to just get rid of there old stuff stop being a puss .


Its a scam numbnuts because they contacted him after the auction was over, somebody ELSE. This is constant practice on Ebay. It happens with cars a ton. If you know ANYTHING about Ebay its called a 2nd chance offer. I bought a car on there and someone else received an email asking if they wanted to buy the car. Too bad I was already driving it at the time.

Do you need me to clarify anything more for you today sir?


i think he got contacted by the same person who was selling it becasue it is illegal to sell that on ebay its jsut a way for people to get customers for ph's becuase they close all the auctions with them as quick as possible. jsut use paypal there is know way for them to screw u u can just cancel credit card payments numbnuts take a chance i got m1t off ebay i didnt get scammed if they wotn paypal then dont do it...ok problem solved right?

the guy was asking if he was gonig to get arrested not scammed u wont get arrested there isnt cops luring people into buying prohormones...this isnt crack and we arent in the ghetto